Saturday, October 30, 2010

Byron Bay: Random Shots

Byron Bay Town Centre

As the title says, this is basically just a collection of some random shots taken at the Byron Bay Beach and town area. We wanted to come by the beach before or during the sunset, but unfortunately we spent way too much time hanging around at the Cape Byron Lighthouse, probably two hours or lesser or more, I don't know.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hanaichi Japanese Restaurant: Farewell to Shaine

Hanaichi Japanese Restaurant: Farewell to Shaine

Shaine brought us here, to the Hanaichi Japanese Restaurant a few hours prior to her flight departure. To my amazement, they do serve absolutely fresh and tasty sushi which comes in a great variety.  Aww, I'm missing those food already *drooling with excitement*

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Novotel Brisbane: Room Service Please

Novotel Brisbane

In one of my earlier RiverFire trip posts, I mentioned that my boi and I were offered one-night free accommodation at the 4.5 star Novotel Brisbane. Not only that, we were also given a $50 dining voucher to be used for either in-room dining or in the hotel restaurant! So, why waste the opportunity to indulge ourselves with finger-smackingly good food under such delightful circumstance?!

Hervey Bay: Bayswater Hotel and Restaurant

Hervey Bay, Queensland

In today's post, I will virtually fly you all the way from wherever you are to Hervey Bay, a beautiful city situated approximately 290 kilometres north of the Queensland's state capital, Brisbane, and lies on the coast of a natural bay between the Queensland mainland and nearby Fraser Island (according to Wikipedia, of course). As we checked-in to Peppers Pier Resort, we were given some vouchers to claim free drinks from this nearby restaurant called Bayswater Hotel and Restaurant. The meals they served can only be described with one word, "terrible"! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shaine's Farewell Dinner

Shaine's Farewell Dinner: Shaine

It's been the third day since Shaine left us for good. On the night before her flight back to Malaysia, we had a potluck farewell dinner together where everyone has brought their signature dishes along. My boi and I on the other hand, boiled a big pot of Roasted Chicken Soup with pickled mustard and dried chilli (which you can't see in the photo above or any of the photos below). Anyway, let's have a look at those good food and desserts prepared by the ladies that night! 

RiverFire Trip: Golden Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Golden Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Gold Coast

Some time ago, a big group of us went to "Yum Jo Cha" (have morning tea) at Golden Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant on the Gold Coast. The service there was pretty bad and slow, we waited very long for the "Dim Sums" to get on our table. What's worse was that we had to cut and divide the food ourselves, and the waitresses didn't even bother to provide any dipping sauces for us, totally disappointing!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daren's Birthday: Contemporary Japanese and Korean BBQ

Daren's Birthday: Contemporary Japanese and Korean BBQ

I've been really sick since the last few days, and when I started to believe that I'm almost fully recover today, fever strikes me again, sigh! I spent most of my time resting on the bed while watching my recent most favorite Korean drama, You're Beautiful / 미남이시네요 / Minami Shineyo (A.N.Jell). It's such a great romance-comedy, and I couldn't help falling for Jung Yong Hwa ❤ he's just too cute to resist!!! Oh wait, am I already dragging you too far away from the topic? Hehe, sorry! I shall now lead you to Daren's post-birthday bash to see what happened back there =)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Celebration Dinner at Christopher's Restaurant (Blue Mountain Hotel)

Christopher's Restaurant: Cheese & Garlic Bread

In celebration of me getting a part-time night job, my boi and I, along with several other friends of us came to have dinner together at Christopher's Restaurant. My boi has ordered some extra cheesy garlic bread as starter, just in case we have to wait for an hour or longer like our last visit here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tommy Hilfigirls Outing at Picnic Point Restaurant

A Date with Tommy Hilfigirls

No, I got the title right, peeps! I intentionally changed the "ger" behind to "girls" because it was a girls-only date with Bev, and Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt was the theme of the day. Just so you know, all of us bought the shirts separately but we happened to own the same color in pairs, amazing isn't it?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pre-Party Preparation: Sushi Making and Tempuras

Pre-Birthday Preparation: Sushi Rolls

Before Daren's actual birthday party, my boi and I went to his place to help out a little bit here and there in the afternoon. I have zero experience in making sushi, hence it was a golden opportunity for me to watch and learn from the pros. Yum, I really feel like making sushi for myself now!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

List of Toowoomba Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

Chinese Restaurants
  • Chinese Noodle Magic
  • Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
  • Jonathan's Cafe
  • Ni Hao Chinese Restaurant
    • Ocean Breeze Chinese Restaurant
    • Qi'Lin Chinese Restaurant
      • Royal Asian
      • West Lake Chinese Restaurant
      Indian Restaurants
        • Bindi Spot
        Italian Restaurants
        • La Porchetta
        Japanese Restaurants
        • Hana Japanese Sushi Restaurant
        Mexican Restaurants
        • Amigo's Bar & Girll
        • Montezuma's Mexican Restaurant
        Thai Restaurants
        • Dee's Vintage Thai Restaurant
        • Hot Basil Thai Cottage
        • Pandan Delight Thai & Malaysian Chinese Restaurant
        • Thai Lee La Restaurant
        • Thai Majestic Restaurant
        • Thai Royal Restaurant
        Turkish Restaurants
          • Sofra
          Modern Australian Restaurants, Bars and Cafes
          • Angel Cafe
          • Angelo's House
          • Cafe Inferno
          • Cafe Valetta
          • City Golf Club
          • Christopher's Restaurant at Blue Mountain Hotel
          • Coffee Club
          • Cube Hotel
          • Downs Hotel Restaurant
          • Engine Room Cafe
          • Encore's Restaurant at Empire Threatre
          • Fire & Ice
          • Firefly Cafe
          • Fitzy's On Church
          • Gip's Restaurant
          • Gladstone Hotel
          • Gordy's Cafe Deli
          • Highfields Tavern
          • Highland Fling Steak and Seafood Restaurant
          • Hog's Breath Cafe
          • Intersection Restaurant at James Street Motor Inn Motel
          • Metro Cafe & Events
          • Park House Cafe Restaurant
          • Phat Burgers
          • Picnic Point Cafe & Restaurant
          • Platform 9
          • Preston Peak Cellar Door &Cafe
          • Shingle Inn
          • Sizzler
          • Sports Club Toowoomba
          • Spotted Cow
          • sSs BBQ Barns Steakhouse
          • Weis Restaurant
          • Zarraffa's Coffee
          Fast Food
          • Eagle Boys Pizza
          • Nando's
          • Noodle Bento
          • Pizza Hut

          Sunday, October 10, 2010

          Bon Voyage, My Dear Girls

          surprise Farewell Party: Me and Cynthia

          Bon voyage is a French phrase borrowed into English meaning, literally, "good journey", and usually translated as meaning "have a good trip". It was a line suggested by Kitt (if I'm not mistaken), and I just shamelessly stole the explanation from Wikipedia =x Anyway, it doesn't really matter as the main point of my post today is about farewelling our dearest girlfriends, Bev and Shaine. We secretly started our SFP "Surprise Farewell Party" mission on the 1st of October. In between, we did put in a lot of efforts and lied a lot too, for the sake of the surprise party (I do hope they were really surprised). Once again, thanks everyone for making it happen, also thanks my boi for fetching us here and there to buy the ingredients and everything needed for the farewell party.

          Friday, October 8, 2010

          Saturday Night: A Good Good Night

          Clubbing on Saturday Night

          My boi and I only club like once in a blue moon. It could probably be 2 to 3 times a year or maybe lesser or even none at all. Speaking of which, what's so different between the night clubs in Malaysia and those we have here in Australia? When I was back in Malaysia, the word "clubbing" always remind me of going to a place with lots of smokers around, and I always ended up coming home with terribly stinky hair (even after washed for a couple of times). I'm sure you ladies understand what I'm saying here. But here, we get to enjoy clubbing in a smoke-free environment, that means no hair-wash required plus extra time in bed!

          Thursday, October 7, 2010

          Hervey Bay: Home Cooked Seafood Dinner

          Home-Cook Seafood Dinner at Hervy Bay

          It was my first time preparing and cooking such a big meal in a resort hotel that night, the night when we visited Hervey Bay, which also happened to be our first! Yeah, we seemed to experience a lot of first times on this trip! *giggles* From the groceries stores, we've bought half a dozen of freshly frozen crabs, a kilo of prawns, few packs of instant noodles, and some broccoli. It's pretty amazing how we cooked this meal with only limited ingredients and seasoning like sugar, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, garlic, butter, and beer.

          Tuesday, October 5, 2010

          Farewell Potluck

          Home-Cook: Braised Chicken Wings

          My boi and I have prepared three plates of Braised Chicken Wings tonight and invited some friends over to share the taste of our home-cook dishes. Still remember the first time (about half a year ago) we had potluck together, my boi and I also prepared the same dish and Bev happened to like it very very much. Without telling you the reason, I bet you can pretty much guess why I made this dish again, can't you? My dear friends, thank you all for showing up and for all the special dishes you've made tonight.

          Monday, October 4, 2010

          Mantra On Salt Beach Kingcliff

          Mantra On Salt Beach Kingcliff

          Mantra On Salt Beach Kingcliff is a horizontally built resort located in the Tweed River Valley, on the north coast of New South Wales. We checked ourselves in at 2 something that afternoon, after two hours drive from Sunnybank. Who knows, we had to go through "nine bends eighteen curves" (九曲十八弯) only to get to our room (the pathway was really long, very very long, and our room was like a few blocks away from the lobby) to unload our luggage.

          Friday, October 1, 2010

          Byron Bay: Kinoko Japanese Restaurant

          Byron Bay: Kinoko Japanese Restaurant

          Kinoko is a popular Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Byron town centre. After an exciting photo-shooting session at the Cape Byron Lighthouse, we had a sneaky peek at few of the local restaurants and finally decided to pop in here to try out its fabulously fresh sushi and seafood.
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