Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Angel Cafe: Dinner with Friends

The Angel Cafe: Coffee

On one misty night, five of us went to have dinner at the Angel Cafe. We haven't really been to this place for a while.

The Angel Cafe: Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha that my boi ordered.

The Angel Cafe: Golden Fried Calamari and Chips

Golden Fried Calamari & Chips.

The Angel Cafe: Chicken Nachos

The giant Chicken Nachos.

The Angel Cafe: Finger Licking Good

It's finger licking good!

The Angel Cafe: Pasta Marinara

Pasta Marinara for my boi.

The Angel Cafe: My Hungry BB

Ngom, ngom, ngom...

The Angel Cafe: Garlic Prawn Risotto

Meanwhile, I've got myself an entree sized Garlic Prawn Risotto, very nice and creamy.

The Angel Cafe: Satisfied

But the problem is, this dish is a bit too filling.

Grand Central: Cinema

After dinner, we went to watch "A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)".

Grand Central: Cinema

The storyline is pretty much the same like the 1984 version though, just with better effects and slightly more horrifying. Liked it!

Grand Central: Cinema

Trying to pose like Puss in Boots :P

Address: 142 South St, Centenary Heights QLD 4350, Australia
Contact: (07) 4636 3177

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