Friday, August 6, 2010

Zarraffa's Coffee: Sit Down and Relax

Zarraffa's Coffee

We had our afternoon tea at the Zarraffa's Coffee today. Zarraffa's originates from the Arabic word, Zarafa which means "Giraffe". The Gold Coast organization claimed to be Australian owned and operated, that is why you'll only get to taste their coffee here in certain regions of Queensland and New South Wales.

Zarraffa's Coffee: Heavenly Hazelnut Mocha

Hot Heavenly Hazelnut Mocha for me ♥

Zarraffa's Coffee: Heavenly Hazelnut Mocha

Very nice the coffee ;)

Zarraffa's Coffee: Mocha Fusion

Iced Mocha Fusion for my boi ♥

Zarraffa's Coffee: Guess Ladies Cupcake Heart Watch (Valentine Edition 2010)

My Guess Ladies Cupcake Heart Watch (Valentine Edition 2010) ♥

Zarraffa's Coffee

Well, let's grab some magazines to read first!!!

Zarraffa's Coffee: Mocha Fusion

My boi playing with his BB.

Zarraffa's Coffee

We then continued snapping photos until dinner time.

Address: Shop 9 Clifford Square, Corner of Anzac Avenue & James St, QLD 4350, Australia.
Contact: (07) 4634 2371


  1. The mocha sure looks heavenly! Yummy~~~

  2. emotionalistic:
    They taste as good as those we got from Starbucks ;)


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