Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Eve's Dinner: Goodbye 2009

2009 New Year Eve's Dinner

My boi giving me a hand on grilling the food.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Australian Green Tree Frog in Wild

Australian Green Tree Frog

I found something "cute" in the laundry area just now, hidden right behind the washing machine. It looked so familiar, just like those we saw in Sydney Wildlife World.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Flora by GUCCI, the New Fragrance

Flora By GUCCI

My latest collection: Flora by GUCCI (50ml).

2009 Christmas Turkey Dinner

Christmas Dinner 2009

Just like last year, we were invited to this private Christmas dinner organized by a group of Thai people here in a Thai restaurant.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christimas 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Ladies and gentlemen... this the new look of my Christmas tree with multi-color fairy lights.
Very beautiful, isn't it?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Home-Cook Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve Dinner 2009

Happy Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas!

~★★   ★★~
★  ∴ ★   ∴°★
★        °★
★° ° Merry X'mas  °★
★' ? °∴°°☆☆★ °☆☆
★ °∴°°☆°∴★ °☆∴聖°∴ ☆
★ °∴°°☆★∴°∴ °誕°∴ °☆
★°∴★☆∴°∴ 快∴ °☆
★  ☆∴ 樂°∴°☆
﹨  ☆   ☆
﹨   ☆
﹨ /


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's For Dinner Tonight?

Chef Christina

Here are some of the dishes that I prepared for dinner tonight. I've been cooking a lot lately since my two weeks Christmas holidays (from work) already started.

Happy Winter Solstice 2009

Winter Solstice 2009

I just get to know that today, 22nd of November is actually Winter Solstice (冬至) about four hours ago. Immediately, we headed out with the intention of buying some coloring to prepare sweet glutinous rice ball soup. It was 9.45 pm that time and most of the groceries shops already closed, except those at the service stations. With no luck at all, we couldn't find any coloring products but to stick with its original color, which is white.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Spotted Cow: Christmas Reunion Dinner 2009

The Spotted Cow: Christmas Dinner 2009

We were supposed to buy multi-color Christmas lights for our Christmas tree yesterday, as Liho told me that they were selling reasonably cheap at Coles Grand Central. But, as soon as we get there, all of them were already sold out. With no other choice, we continued searching for the item we want in Target. And guess what? They were selling at over $40 even after discount. We ended up buying heaps of Christmas hats for everyone who attends the Christmas dinner.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Decorating Christmas Tree

Decorating Christmas Tree

This is my first time decorating a Christmas tree. We got the 182cm Christmas tree and the rest of the ornaments and decorations for less than $30 only. And of course, it's not one of those fancy Christmas trees, but just a simple yet inexpensive one.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Gift for Her (Extended)

Guess Necklace

I'm not sure if you would still remember the Christmas pressie that my boi gifted to me about few days ago, simply click here if you totally have no clue what I'm talking about. It was a pair of GUESS earrings which shares the exact same design as this necklace.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hog's Breath Cafe: Celebrating 20 Years of Hog'spitality

Hog's Breath Cafe: Celebrating 20 Years of Hog'spitality

Again, we paid a visit to Hog's Breath Cafe Toowoomba, the one located at the opposite of Toowoomba Bus Interchange. Surprisingly this time around, both the presentation and the taste of the food have slightly improved since our last visit here, which happened about one year ago. Honestly speaking, the restaurant serves (most probably) the best steak in town! Let's see what we've got for ourselves tonight...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Gifts Exchange: For Him and For Her

Guess Drop Earrings

Christmas is just around the corner, and it's time to prepare yourself for the traditional "Gifts Exchange" with your dearest ones. So what would be the ideal gifts for them? Any idea? Well, my boi has gifted me one gorgeous pair of GUESS drop earrings that I adore so much!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ajisen Ramen Brisbane

Ajisen Ramen Brisbane

Ajisen Ramen is the Japanese fast-food restaurant where we had lunch during our shopping trip in Brisbane's Queens Street Mall. The dishes they served here were pretty good actually, just hop in their restaurant located at 414, George Street of Brisbane CBD, if there is an opportunity. And before I go on any further, I have a confession to make... I made a terrible mistake that day. I nearly got myself killed shopping and walking in 3-inch high heels for God-knows-how-many-hours, not to forget the painful experience I had in a public transport when traveling from one place to another. I swear to God, the same stupidity will NEVER EVER happen again! Anyway, back to the food we ordered again...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guess Festival Women's Sandals (Pink)

Guess GW Festival Thong Sandals (Pink)

I got myself a pair of pink GUESS thong sandals (Product name: GWFESTIVAL-B) for 25% discount yesterday. What do you think?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cynthia's Farewell Lunch

Cynthia's Farewell Lunch

Cynthia's Farewell Lunch Menu
  • Cabbage & Tofu Soup - Henry & Crystal
  • Baked Crumbed Chicken Wings - YiHong
  • Stir Fried Pork & Celery in Tomato Sauce - Cynthia
  • Braised Chicken with Ginger & Garlic - My Boi & I
  • Stir Fried Green Bean with Scallop - Henry & Crystal
  • Braised Chicken with Eggs - Cynthia
  • Sweet Soy Pork with Star Anise - Mandy & Liho
  • Stir Fried Mix Veggie with Pork - My boi & I
  • Grass Jelly or Cincau Drink - Henry & Crystal
  • Watermelon - My boi & I

Dinner at West Lake Chinese Restaurant

West Lake Chinese Restaurant

Last month, on one of the fine nights, we decided to try out the Chinese cuisine here at the West Lake or West River (a bit confusing with the title as it's written differently on the dine-in menu).

Friday, December 4, 2009

Beautiful Sunset On A Random Summer Afternoon

This is another random post, accompanied by a random photo, taken on a random afternoon. It also happens to be the beautiful sunset I mentioned in my 1853rd tweet on Twitter just a couple of hours ago. We've moved into a new unit recently, but still living in the same area though. Nice room, nice carpet, nice environment (peaceful and quiet), and absolutely nice view too!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little White Pear Earrings

White Pearl Earrings

There are two major types of pearls: salt-water pearls (Oriental pearls) and fresh-water pearls. Today, my boi has rewarded me a pair of white pearl earrings, they're just fresh-water pearls of course. Apart from that, I've also got myself a pink floral top and a pink little dress that I adore so much ;) I know you wanna see them too, but I'm too but I'm a little bit sluggish now. Just wait for my upcoming post, will ya?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Preston Peak Wines: Cellar Door & Cafe

Preston Peak Winery

Wine tasting at Preston Peak Cellar Door.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Back to Qi'lin Restaurant

Qi'Lin Chinese Restaurant

I feel so tired lately, too tired to cook after working for so many hours, everyday. Hence tonight we made up our minds to dine out at Qi'lin Chinese Restaurant, avoid the hassle of preparing dinner.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Shopping Mode

My "shopping mode" has been automatically turned ON lately, most probably due to the Christmas atmosphere around us. Come to think of it, Christmas Day is just four weeks (exactly one month) away from now. Don't you feel like shopping too? I bet you really do! And as promised in my earlier post, I'm gonna share those two items I got from Brisbane as well as the others I got in Toowoomba.

GUESS Patent Belt with Triple G Buckle

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Day in Brisbane

Queen Street Mall: Starbucks

We were in Brisbane yesterday, spent hours shopping at Queens Street Mall. Aren't you curious what's inside those packages I got from Nine West and GUESS outlets? Just stay tuned for my upcoming post! ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunday Night: Weis Seafood Smorgasbord

Weis Seafood Smorgasbord

Last Sundy night, My boi and I paid a visit to Weis Restaurant (the one in Margaret St.) for its famous seafood smorgasbord.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Free Zombieland Movie Tickets


If you are a member of the USQ Student Guild, I'm sure that you've got an e-mail from Matthew Hogan with the title, "FREE MOVIE TICKETS! - Zombieland" just about yesterday. Not sure? Just go ahead and look at the 50214th e-mail in your mailbox. Since now you've noticed about the existence of such e-mail and its contents, all you need to do is to send an e-mail (doesn't matter if it's blank or whatever, as long as your e-mail address is there) to this person in-charge requesting for free movie tickets.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

After-Exam Party

After-Exam Party

After-Exam Party
Date: November 13, 2009 (Friday)
Time: 10:30pm
Venue: Cynthia's house

Bye Bye Exams, Hi Hi Holidays

Yeppie!!! We've have eventually made it through the end of semester 2... I shall say bye bye to exams, say hi hi to summer holidays now! Aren't you feel happy for me? Late last night, there was an After-Exam Party going on at Cynthia's place. She invited most of us and her several other close friends to the party which was supposed to start at 10.30 pm. My boi and I arrived there a little bit late as it took me about an hour-long just to put on some light make-up (I'm just a beginner, please don't laugh at my filthy make-up, k? I've already tried my best, I really did). Anyway, this is just a quickie post to keep you updated and most importantly is to make sure that none of you would forget this chubby little face of mine. Happy Holidays ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday Night: Casual Dinner Gathering

Casual Dinner Gathering

Yesterday afternoon, my boi and I dropped by Kenneth's place after we did a little shopping in Grand Central (I'll share with you the items I've bought in my upcoming post, be patient k?). We hung around there for a LONG while (a few hours maybe), then only we headed off to K-Mart for some groceries together with Kenneth and the rest.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Toowoomba to Texas: The Journey Goes Wild

Toowoomba to Texas

It was 4 am in the morning when I left my house and went on a working trip to Texas. The journey goes wild as we entered the highway before the break of the dawn.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Highland Fling Steak & Seafood Restaurant Toowoomba

The Highland Fling Steak & Seafood Restaurant

Highland Fling is the steak and seafood restaurant located at the corner of James and West Streets. I was once there for its Sunday Morning Breakfast which was very very delightful. And last night, my boi decided to take me out for a "sumptuous" dinner since it was the Melbourne Cup Day yesterday.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael Jackson's This Is It

Michael Jackson's This Is It

As the title said, we went to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It in this late afternoon. The run-time of this movie was only 1 hour and 52 minutes.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mini Halloween Party

Halloween Mini Party

Most of my friends around me know that I've been working really really hard lately. I'm sure you wouldn't wanna know how many hours I work in a week. And after work last night, we had a less-than-three-hour mini Halloween party over my place. None of these was planned as I was extremely tired and sleepless that day. But still, I wanna thank you all for showing up at my door.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Unauthorized Use of My Photos


Unauthorized use of my photos in one of the local food and drink magazine in Toowoomba.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saw VI and The Final Destination (3D)

Final Destination 4 (3D)

We watched two horror movies today, one was in 3D while the other one was not. For students, you're required to pay $15.50 only for each 3D movie ticket rather than $18.00. Don't you feel all excited? We can now watch 3D movies here, not Brisbane, not Gold Coast, but Toowoomba !!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday Night Pizza Party

Pizza Party Night

I'm not talking about just any ordinary pizza but home-made pizzas. Thanks to sifu Tyler and Daniel, we get to enjoy some fresh slices of pizzas that made from scratch!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Southbank: Chris Isaak Live Concert

Southbank: Chris Isaak Live Concert

After spending half an hour admiring the fireworks displays at the riverside, we moved on to the next event - Brisbane Festival 2009’s opening night celebrations. Can't you see how excited everyone was?!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Women's Nature: Shopping

Shopping Items: Floral Scarf & Blue Casual Top

Shopping is women's nature, I'm pretty sure that most people would agree with my saying. Nowadays, not only girls like shopping, even guys can't resist the sweet temptations. To make sure that you're not becoming one of those big money spenders, you need to know how to shop wisely and controllably. I'd would also love to share some of my shopping items with you, which includes the floral scarf and the blue casual sleeveless top I'm wearing above.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gold Coast Trip: Lancome Make-Up Products

Brisbane: Queen Street

A week before my boi's graduation day, we went on a little shopping trip to Gold Coast and I got myself a set of Lancome make-up products. It was my very first set of make-up products! No kidding!!! I only put on make-up like once in a blue moon? But now, I think it's necessary for me to pick up some make-up tips and tutorials.

Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1, 2, 3 Online

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Guess what my latest obsession is? It's Avatar: The Last Airbender!!! The American animated television series has three seasons with sixty-one episodes but I've only watched all the episodes of season 1 and 2 so far and I loved them to death! The characters in this series are irresistibly, undeniably cute and funny, especially Momo and Appa! I really feel like squeezing and cuddling them in my arms...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Albee's Birthday Party

Albee's Birthday

We dragged ourselves to another birthday party last Sunday, it was Albee's 23rd birthday. She invited us earlier to have dinner together before the party started.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our New and First 42" Plasma TV

New 42" Plasma TV

Our new and very first 42-inch HD plasma TV has finally arrived.

Thai Lee La Restaurant, Highfields

Highfield: Thai Lee La Restaurant

Thai Lee La is a Thai restaurant located at Plaza Circle, Highfields.
Approximately 17 kilometres away from Toowoomba.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gold Coast Trip Day 3: Surfers Paradise Beach

Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise

Finally, our 3 days 2 nights trip to Gold Coast has came to an end. We had seafood (heaps of them) and we had lots of fun screaming our lungs out at Dreamworld and Draculas Haunted House. Apart from that, we also went for a little gambling (but no luck at all), sang karaoke for hours (until I lose my voice), did some shopping in Harbour Town and many others. It was all about fun and more fun!!! I really wish to do this again, in the summer perhaps?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Home-Cooking: Everyday Different (家常小菜)

These are some nice and simple home-cook dishes which I've prepared recently. Although I love cooking so much but sometimes, I really have no idea what to cook as I'm doing it quite frequently. Don't you ever get bored having the same food over and over again? Well, I do. I'm still looking for new recipes, is anyone of you willing to share some with me?

Home-Cooking: Prawn Omelette

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sunnybank: Landmark Restaurant (枫林)

Landmark Restaurant: Morning Tea

A few days after I lost my mobile phone, we found the opportunity to get back to Brisbane again with the mere hope of being able to see my Motorola L7 again. Unfortunately, things don't always go right all the time... I didn't get to see my mobile phone, not anymore!!! It was gone, forever gone!!! My boi was pretty sure about the place where he left the mobile phone behind, but by the time we went back to that karaoke restaurant. The person sitting at the counter just showed us his dishonest face and left us with disappointment.

The African Cultural Day: USQ Quad

USQ Toowoomba: The African Cultural Day

The African Cultural Day
Date: October 7th, 2009
Time: 12 noon - 2 pm
Venue: USQ Quad

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday Bash in September

Liho's Birthday Bash

On 22nd of September, we celebrated Liho's birthday in conjunction with Henry's and Crystal's birthdays. We've only bought pressies for Liho and Henry, as we were totally unaware that it was a birthday party of three.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mid Autumn / Mooncake Festival Celebration 2009

Mid Autumn / Mooncake Festival 2009

A "Bring A Plate" party was held at our place last night, in celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival aka Lantern Festival.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sunday Afternoon: Lunch at Angelo's House

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba

The very first and last time we visited Angelo's House Restaurant was exactly one month ago, in celebration of Chinese Valentine's Day (七夕). Last Sunday, Albee invited two of us to join her and Mandy to have lunch at this Italian restaurant again as she was very much allured by those food photos I posted in my blog, after our first visit here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home-Cooking: Seafood Dinner (Fish, Crab, Oyster)

Home-Cooking: Seafood Dinner

Regardless of the fact that I'm down with flu, cough and sore-throat. But still I'm capable of preparing an all-seafood dinner together with my boi. We spent less than AU $50 on the ingredients, including the seafood, herbs and sauces.
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