Monday, July 27, 2009

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Lunch Together

We were graciously invited to have lunch over at Celeste's place about two days ago. The hostess treated us with wonderful dishes, prepared all by herself. After the lunch, Lucia followed us to Grand Central to pick a birthday pressie for the birthday boy, who's celebrating his 21st birthday this year.

On that very night, I dressed up in my newly-bought favorite floral dress and hair clips. We first filled our stomachs at McDonald's before attending the birthday party at 9.

Celeste came over to our place earlier before 9 and watched the TVB drama series, "Rosy Business" (巾幗梟雄) with me for a short while before the party begins.

Red Rooster: Classic Quarter

I had my first CSC3427 lecture class this afternoon, it started at 12 pm. My stomach was yelling, "foooood, fooooood, feed me please..." throughout the one-and-a-half hour lecture. As soon as I finished my class, we drove ourself to Red Rooster drive-thru to grab some healthy fast food. I wonder why I always mixed up the "Classic Roast" with "Classic Quarter".

Red Rooster: Classic Quarter

The yummylicious "Classic Roast" with a quarter roast chicken, garlic and rosemary seasoned carrot and pumpkin, roast potato, peas and gravy.


  1. The best part of lecture is the final 10 minutes before lunch break :). I LOVE food :P.

  2. 那條裙子的顔色很美麗,

  3. @emotionalistic: LoL, everyone already started packing their stuff during that very last 10 minutes.

    @Stephanie: 哎哟, 怎么突然间用汉语啦? 不过,也无所谓啦,反而这样感觉比较亲切些 ;) 谢谢你的美言,让我越看越开心呢,呵呵...

  4. food look very nice!
    smile look very sweets!

    i feel hungry now... can you post it to me

  5. I like the packaging the fast food comes in. Reminds me of airplane food. I like airplane food =D

  6. dat is a ready packed food? looks so yummy one ler...

  7. wow... that rooster meat. >.<

  8. @CH Voon: Thanks! I wish I could do that but I just can't :P

    @Stanley: Hah? Are u serious?! Most ppl dislike airplane food, LoL

    @vialentino: Yeah, it's very yummy and healthy too! ^^

    @marccus: I love it so much, the chicken tasted even better with gravy on top!!! xD


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