Friday, November 30, 2007

USQ S2 Results

USQ Result

USQ semester 2 results have been officially released at 4 p.m today, I'm glad that both me and my boi have passed the courses with satisfactory grades. What about other fellow USQ students? Congratz to everyone of you who has done a great job in doing the assignments and exams. As for those who didn't get good results, never give up and keep on trying your best. Lets work harder in the coming semesters!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Watch My Lucky Star Online (放羊的星星)


林志颖第一次出演偶像剧《放羊的星星》,大胆献出自己的初次 “床戏”。


《放羊的星星》的主演: 林志颖、洪小玲、刘荷娜、立威廉、李威




虽然,韩国女星刘荷娜的年纪还很轻 (出生于1986),




年纪不轻的林志颖 (出生于1974),看起来还是很年轻、很有气质、可爱起来又够酷、够帅哦!

Watch My Lucky Star Online (在线观看放羊的星星):
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Summer of Love

pink hot pants

Two of us had a great time doing grocery shopping in K-mart this afternoon.
My boi has bought me this cute hot pants which caught my eyes,
it looks so sweet and I love this pink color very much!!!
Lately, I don't know what's wrong with the Sunbus service here,
some drivers just couldn't make it on time.
We can't help but just keep on waiting and waiting...
The longest time we waited was about 40 minutes long, it's really frustrating when spending such a long time to wait for the buses to come especially when you're tired and rushing to go home.
Sight, hopefully the management will do something about it.
Alright, lets forget about that =x
Today, we manage to grab ourself two bottles of 400g Coles Hazelnut Spread for only 99 cent each !!! That's pretty cheap right? Maybe u wanna grab one for yourself as well?

P.S. 斗牛要不要 / 鬥牛要不要 / Bull Fighting 第二集 已经热辣辣,新鲜出炉!赶快来线上观看吧!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Challenge The Limits: Working In Tomato Farm (Part II)

Cherry Tomato Farm

Here comes the part two that y'all been waiting for...
LoL, I ain't sure if y'all really waited for it though.

Piece of Dry Land

The land was drying out as the sun shining brightly above the blue sky.

Still A Long Way To Go

We get exhausted in the end but there's still a long way to go...

The Boundry

I've previous mentioned about one person at each side, meaning my boi will start picking on the left and I'll be start picking on the right of this wooden fence until the very end of the row.

Friendship Never Ends

Lemme introduce the two cowboys to y'all, Kah Peng and Desmond (Right). Hope they won't mind me posting up their photo here =x

The Trucker

The most important time has come, some people were having their light meals, some resting, and some other gathered around the trucker to present their final pails.

Cherry Tomato Farm

All the rows have been plucked with no ripe tomatoes left.

A Tiring Day

Everyone was exhausted and hunger for food and drinks...

Way To Go Home

Me and my boi were sitting on the road side, chit-chatting with the rest while waiting for the transport (AUD 9 for a round trip) to arrive and drive everyone home safely. I must say that the driver's driving was awful, and I felt really insecure sitting in the car.

Cherry Tomato Farm

Now, it's time to say "sayonara" aka goodbye to this beautiful peace of tomato farm.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Challenge The Limits: Working In Tomato Farm (Part I)

Under The Sky

3 o'clock in this early morning, when everyone was still sleeping soundly in the bed, me and my boi already wake up to get ourselves ready for the farm job. Quickly, we had our breakfast and headed to the bus-stop 5 minutes before 4 a.m. We had brought our caps, towels, tissue, jackets, sunblock and plenty of water with us.

The Muddy Road

As we arrived the tomato farm, all of us were given a big white pail (bigger then normal laundry pail) then everyone was instructed to pluck cherry tomatoes right the way. We were told to pluck only those in red or yellowish color, and the pail must be fully filled with cherry tomatoes ONLY (AUD 12 for each full pail).

Rows With Numbers

Me and my boi have chosen our own lane and start plucking without wearing working gloves (we didn't really buy them cause we thought they will at least provide us the working gloves). At the beginning, I was able to pluck really fast and not feeling tired at all until we've reached a few hundred meters squatting up and down, up and down without rest.

Never Ending

My both legs started to feel numb and pain, and my both legs were shaking when carrying the full pail of cherry tomatoes back to the very first place we started. Luckily, the driver then parked the trucker somewhere which was not so far from us.

Dirty Hands

This is what will happen to your both hands if you work after the rain.

You And I, Always Forever

The black soil were really irritating as they covered almost half of my favourite sport shoe. From time to time, I was forced to use my hands to remove the bloody black soil from my sport shoe. Trust me, you won't be able to stand or walk properly with those soil sticking on your shoe.

Cherry Tomatoes

As the pile is getting heavier, we filled our own bag with those cherry tomatoes instead. So when the bag is almost full, then only we group them all together. This is to save our energy from walking back and forth, back and forth...

Challenge The Limits

Are you willing to work under the hot sun? I believe none will say yes. My body and skin felt like burning as the sun rise up, my fingers were hurt and feeling numb too. Plucking tomatoes is not an easy as you think, you'll need to open up the bushes and search for ripe ones. Sometimes, you'll even have to bend down to search for ripe tomatoes among the leaves.

Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

Now, please tell me, "“How would you like my job?” Are you able to wake up early in the morning and work under the burning hot sun? Does AUD 12 for each full pail of cherry tomatoes seem attractive to you? Please stay tuned for the second part of "Challenge The Limits", you may get to see more interesting photos and read more exciting story.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

New House New Rules


This is the nice and clean balcony that connects with our room. My boi just tied two ropes accross the balcony yesteday, so that we'll be able to hang more clothes there.


We're having three housemates from three different countries (China, India, and Madagascar). The second bathroom at downstairs is occupied by Shad (the Muslim Indian). So, four of us are sharing the one at upstairs.


I love this kitchen very much! U know why? Simply because it's always as clean as it's just cleaned by house cleaners. But of course, we do put a lot of effort to keep it clean...

Dining Area

This is the dining area, I love it cause the table is always clean. There's even an extra window on the right (as u can see in the photo), it's only available to corner units.

Living Room

Today, I've vacuumed the blue couches in the living room which were covered with thick dust and some dead flying insects. Hehe, not to mention, I cleaned every part of the living room too. Special thanks to my boi for cooking dinner in the late afternoon while I was doing the laundray. *Muackz*


Still remember the bathroom I cleaned yesterday? One of our housemates (Ralph) was very happy after he saw it and he actually told us that he gonna buy new mattress to put in the bathroom. Then, this morning, the first thing we saw in the bathroom was these two new pieces of mattress. Two of us were kinda suprised but felt happy as well...

What You Gonna Do?!

It has been raining these two days and I'm having hard time to sleep in the morning, maybe it's because of the cold weather, maybe it's because of the new environment, maybe...

Most students (included me) will pray hard for holidays during every school term especially when there's a lot of classes, assignments, and exams going on. But, what happen when holidays really come? Pray for school again? Definitely NOT!

U might be thinking, "How am I gonna spend this holiday so that my precious time is not wasted for nothing?" The exact question is currently floating in my mind...
What u gonna do when u don't have extra $$$ for entertainment but staying home?
  • Cooking?
    Of course, I'm the one who's talking care of me and my boi's everyday meals!
  • House-keeping?
    I just cleaned the whole washroom, kitchen and balcony again this afternoon!
  • Surf net?
    It's part of my daily activities...
  • Play online games?
    Yeah, my ranger (MapleStory) just leveled up but it's really boring to play game for so many hours...
  • Blogging?
    Aww, I'm running outha idea to blog now >.<"
Both me and my boi have decided to try out the farm job which Kah Peng and Desmond are currently doing. I know it's not an easy job, but at least I could earn some $$$ while finding for a better job. It's summer days and we're going to work under the hot sun! Woo... wish me luck!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

In da House...

shared room

As promised in my previous post, today I'm gonna show y'all how my new room looks like. Yesterday, we've spent hours hand-cleaning every inch of our new room which was pretty dusty.

shared room

This early morning until late afternoon, I started to clean the kitchen and bathroom while my boi was busy "transferring" our goods and etc to this unit. It took us quite a long time to arrange everything nicely. Hehe, finally get to live in a new, quite, tidy and clean environment.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Watch Bull Fighting Online (斗牛要不要 / 鬥牛要不要)

The meaning of the word 斗牛 is actually street basketball which is also known as streetball. "斗牛要不要" would be the upcoming hot Taiwanese drama by 贺军翔 (Mike He) after his successful acting in "换焕爱" (Why Why Love). The good news is the episode 1 is now available on the world-wide web, which means you get to watch it FREE online by clicking on this link below.

Watch Bull Fighting Online (在线观看斗牛要不要 ):
Please visit the official website for more information like storyline, casting, wallpapers, games and many many more. The die-hard fans of 小美,小威,and Hebe (S.H.E.) have even created a forum to discuss everything and anything about this Taiwanese drama.

Here, I'd like to share a cool widget that wishes everyone "Happy Mouse Year" (鼠年快乐). Just click on "我要沈若赫的祝福" if you wanna see Mike He's images or click on "我要依胜雪的祝福" to see Hebe from S.H.E. or click on "我要金子聪的祝福" for Li Wei, the former member of WeWe.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Moving Out Soon

Student Village

Yay, we're moving out from this unit in another few days! Finally... It's a busy day for us today, we were busy looking at the rooms available and making comparision. The shared room in Student Village is really big and nice, we both love it very much! There are a total of 2 single beds, 2 wardrobes, 2 study desks, 2 chairs, 2 book shelves, and 3 glass windows (small, medium, and large). The large one is connected with a balcony.

The picture above is just a sample I get from Student Village website, the design is similar to this one but a lot bigger =D Wait until I move in then only show y'all how the actual room looks like, k? The most important thing is the whole unit is really clean and tidy, our future housemates are very particular in cleanliness as well. Lets hope that we'll be able to live together peacefully in the coming days.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wow, That's A LOT !!!


Anyone of you ever have so many unique visitors per hour / day before? That would be the most unbelievable miracle that ever happened to my blog. Wanna know what’s the secret behind? The truth is…


Tada! That's not the actual stats, k? I guess Nuffnang webbie was having some kinda bugs in their new system when I was viewing that particular page, but the issue was resolved a few minutes right after I submitted a trouble ticket.

I will always submit a trouble ticket to Nuffnang Tech Support whenever I have difficulty with my account. What about you? If you happen to submit any trouble ticket which issue has already been resolved, always remember to close it by clicking on "Link to view trouble ticket" link in the Nuffnang Support e-mail. Hehe, no matter what... Nuffnang rocks and continue rocking with their cool and new features! Check it out now!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday's Special

Spicy Salted Vegetable Soup

Whoah, I had a super nice "Spicy Salted Veggie Soup" for my dinner just now. Don't ask me how super nice was it 'cuz I'm the chef in charge! LoL =P The dried chillis can easily get from Rema (one of the grocery stores in Uni Plaza which sells Asian & Indian food ingredients and spices). As for the other ingredients like salted vegetables, you can grab it anytime from the J & R Grocery in Coco's. Here, I've used chicken drumsticks instead of roasted duck or roasted pork to boil this soup (both of them are expensive and hard to get).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A-Patch for Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messeger

I have been playing around with A-Patch since last month, the main reason I like it is its ability to remove advertistments especially the one at the bottom of messenger. Don't worry if you've messed up with the settings 'cuz you can always restore back to the earlier stage before any changes have been made. Get started now and DIY your own Windows Live Messenger using A-Patch. It has a total of 71 features which includes:

  • Remove Windows Live Logo
  • Remove "Messenger" Title
  • Remove Display Picture Container
  • Remove Personal Message Bar
  • Remove E-mail Button
  • Remove Sharing Folders Button
  • Remove My MSN Space Button
  • Remove Windows Live Today Button
  • Remove Make a Phone Call Button
  • Remove Yellow Information Bar
  • Change Display Picture Link
  • Remove Contacts Personal Message
  • Remove Toast Display Picture
  • Remove Gleam Notification
  • Remove Advertisement
  • Add Always On Top Button
  • Remove Search Bar
  • Remove Display Picture in Sign-In Window
  • Remove Bottom Links in Sign-In Window
  • Remove Windows Live ID Branding
  • Disable MSN Spaces Contact Card Integration
  • Remove Color Button
  • Disable Song Links
  • Remove Emoticons from Nicknames
  • Remove Contact Manager Bar
    -- Move Contact Manager Bar to the Bottom
    -- Remove Extra Padding from the Contact Manager Bar
    -- Remove "Add a Contact" Button from the Contact Manager Bar
    -- Remove "Manage your Contacts" Button from the Contact Manager Bar
    -- Remove Contact Search Field from the Contact Manager Bar
  • Remove Windows Live Logo
  • Remove Invite Button
  • Remove Send Files Button
  • Remove Web Cam Button
  • Remove Call Button
  • Remove Activities Button
  • Remove Games Button
  • Remove Block Button
  • Remove Color Button
  • Remove Search Button
  • Remove My Display Picture Container
  • Remove Font Button
  • Remove Emoticons Button
  • Remove Voice Clip Button
  • Remove Backgrounds Button
  • Remove Winks Button
  • Remove Packs Button
  • Remove Nudge Button
  • Remove What's Hot Section
  • Remove Formatting Toolbar Separator
  • Change Ink Tabs to Text
  • Remove Advertisement
  • Add Custom Games
  • Remove Contact's Personal Messange and E-mail (To: Bar)
  • Remove Web Cam Icon from Avatar/DP Containers
  • Remove Nudge Delay
  • Disable Nudge Shake
  • Remove Send Button
  • Add Send Button to Handwriting Tab
  • Remove Status Information Bar Remove "Get a Webcam" Link Add Always On Top Button
  • Remove User Is Writing Message
  • Remove Convert Tab
  • Remove "says" text
  • Polygamy (Multi-MSN)
  • Show Idle Status
  • Shorten Status Info in Info Bar
  • Install WinAMP Plug-in for Now Playing feature
  • Remove Advertisement in Sharing Folders Window
  • Remove Billing Info Menus

==========>> Good luck in trying!!! <<==========

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Exam is Over Vs Finding Jobs

Spicy and sour prawns

Yeppie !!! I'm free like a bird now !!! I had my last exam this early morning at 8.30. I truly feel blessed 'cuz the question paper was much easier than I could imagine. Hehe, it's also my first time to come out from the exam hall before the last 15 minutes. What a great relief !!!

Sweet soy and garlic chicken

Another good news is my working permit for student has been approved. What's next? Time to look for a part-time or full-time job in this coming 3 months summer break. Any recommendations for me? My other friends have found themselves farming jobs but I don't think I'm able to work in a farm under the hot and bright sun. I bet I'll be suffering from serious skin problems which I don't wish them to happen to me...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Watch Why Why Love Online (换换爱)

Why Why Love

Woo, I'm so in love with Why Why Love (换换爱) - the hottest Taiwanese drama of this year! This romantic and funny drama is starring Rainie Yang (杨丞琳), Mike He (贺军翔/小美) and Kingone Wang (王传一). Now, you can watch it free online by clicking on the links below.

Watch Why Why Love Online (在线观看换换爱):
Disclaimer: All the music / videos above are solely for sharing and promotional purpose. Please support original!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Good Luck in CSC 2408


Wow, today's wind speed is greater than 40 km/h, I was shivering when standing on the grass field. Thanks to those who wished me good luck in exam, I really appreciate that a lot. Hope everyone will have a great day tomorrow! Not to forget, all the best to my coursemates who will be sitting for CSC 2408 exam. *~ cheers ~*



According to Wikipedia, McCafé is a bistro-like restaurant concept by McDonald's Corporation in an effort to gain a share of the ever popular and expanding gourmet coffee market, to avoid losing market share to companies such as Starbucks. They even provide their product ingredients in pdf to share with the public. Hmm, I wonder if McD's will ever bring McCafe to Malaysia.

Last Wednesday, me and my boi had our McChicken Meals at Clifford Gardens' food court - the place where we usually take our lunch while shopping for groceries. Other than McD's, there are several other common retailers in shopping centres like Red Rooster, Subway, Abbas Kebab, and KFC. On that very day, I was stopped by an old lady (the food court's staff) when trying to snap photos in that area. Sigh, no photography allowed in food court ???

Friday, November 9, 2007

Gulab Jamuns for Devali

Indian Cuisine

Gulab Jamun is a type of syrup-soaked flour dumpling which is favorable among Indians. Both of us were invited to taste their "sweet Indian dishes" during our dinner time just now. I guess these people like to take "sweet" dishes for festival celebrations?

Gulab Jamun

We are told by our Indian housemates that today is the "main" day for Devali aka Deepavali celebration. Their celebration will last for 3 days long, started from yesterday until tomorrow.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Examination Continues

Delicious fish fingers with sweet chilli sauce

I'll be sitting for another 2 exams on next week, 12th (Monday) and 14th (Wednesday) of November. I guess I'll have to endure sleepless nights again. By the way, how is everybody's holiday? Had a lot of fun? Here, we can't feel the atmosphere of any Malaysian festivals completely, very desolate. By the way, I've got an interesting quote to share with y'all today, it's...
"I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back." — Zsa Zsa Gabor
Haha, isn't this indirectly implicate that girls are more materialistic than guys?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali to my dearest family, my boi, my friends, my blog readers and visitors, all Malaysians, and those who're celebrating this festival tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Doodle 4 Google

Just happen to come across this Doodle 4 Google website when I was checking my friendster account. I've voted for the above pieces of artwork, which's theme is mainly about Australia. Click here to check out the creativity of these kids as well as the original doodler for Google.

Click on this image if u wish to cast your vote for this catagory

Click on this image if u wish to cast your vote for this catagory

Click on this image if u wish to cast your vote for this catagory

Click on this image if u wish to cast your vote for this catagory
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