Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Farewell Potluck

Home-Cook: Braised Chicken Wings

My boi and I have prepared three plates of Braised Chicken Wings tonight and invited some friends over to share the taste of our home-cook dishes. Still remember the first time (about half a year ago) we had potluck together, my boi and I also prepared the same dish and Bev happened to like it very very much. Without telling you the reason, I bet you can pretty much guess why I made this dish again, can't you? My dear friends, thank you all for showing up and for all the special dishes you've made tonight.

Home-Cook: San and Bev

Thanks San for her Cabbage dish and Vera for her Tofu dish.

Home-Cook: Spicy Fried Chicken

The Spicy Fried Chicken brought by Bev.

Home-Cook: Girls Groupie

Groupie with the two girls (Bev and Shaine) who'll be leaving us very soon.

Home-Cook: Dark Soy Sauce Pork Belly

Cynthia's Stir Fried Pork Belly with Dark Soy Sauce.

Home-Cook: Me

After dinner, we had hours of girls talk while enjoying some sweet oranges and rockmelon / cantaloupe.

Home-Cook: Blueberry Cupcakes

The Blueberry Cupcakes that my boi baked for us.


  1. We call them muffins over here. Cupcakes tend to be smaller, with icing! Om nom nom.

  2. Drake Sigar:
    I see, I love cupcakes too! But not those with icing or frosting please =x

  3. How long to make the braised chicken? Looks yummy...

  4. :O Blasphemy. Take it back, take it back!

  5. emotionalistic:
    About 2 hours to wash, marinate, and steam.

    Drake Sigar:

  6. both leng lui are leaving you... so bad.

    When they go? Bolehland?

  7. CH Voon:
    Yeah, they're going back for good :'(


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