Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot Basil Thai Cottage Toowoomba

Warning: You may experience low quality photos as these were taken using Sony Ericsson K550i.

Thai Cottage @ Margaret Street

It was a sunny day today and the weather was not as cold as the past few days. So, three of us decided to have our lunch at Hot Basil Thai Cottage in Margaret Street, since we alr6eady get bored with the food in Grand Central's food court.

Thai Cottage @ Margaret Street

This Thai restaurant offers a wonderful atmosphere for you to relax while enjoying the dishes.

Thai Cottage @ Margaret Street

Now, lets take a look at the table settings as well as the interior design of the restaurant.


At last, we get to taste some "original" Tom Yam Goong in Toowoomba.

Thai Cottage: Panang Chicken

The traditional Panang Chicken contains less coconut milk, chicken pieces, lemon grass, Panang curry paste, palm sugar, and fish sauce. The ingredients used are pretty much similar to the Red Curry.

Thai Cottage: Coconut Rice

The coconut rice smelled and tasted really good.

Thai Cottage: Thai Red Curry

Red Curry is a popular Thai dish based on coconut milk heated with red curry paste and fish sauce. The ingredients used are lemon grass, Thai eggplant, Thai basil, broccoli, green beans, zucchini and chicken.

Thai Cottage: Massaman Curry

Massaman Curry is a Thai dish that is Muslim in origin. It contains coconut milk, roasted peanuts, potatoes, bay leaves, cardamom pods, cinnamon, palm sugar, fish sauce, and tamarind sauce.

Thai Cottage @ Margaret Street

The restaurant has it's own unique interior design and decorations.

Thai Cottage @ Margaret Street

The Special Lunch Set (1 main course + 1 steamed rice) is only $10.50 each, which is absolutely worth trying.

Address: 2/160 Margaret St, Toowoomba QLD 4350‎, Australia.
Contact: (07) 4659 8408


  1. The tomyam looks very spicy ler... hahaha... how was it?

  2. OMG OMG OMG! y is everyone blogging the food? i'm hungry now!hehe^^~

  3. the pics wasnt dat bad after all and i cant go the place also... =(

  4. >.< I also want ahhhhh!!!!!

  5. Wow, the food looked really nice. Emm...emmm.....yummy......

  6. This is such a yummy place.. Nice photos, looks very real..

    Hi Christina just visiting you from 3 of my blogs. Have a great day
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    Ester's Embracing Health

  7. akira 思胜:
    The tomyam soup wasn't too bad, just not as spicy as it seemed.

    LoL, cause people love food? Sorry for making you hungry again =P

    Don't worry, there are many other Thai restaurants in Malaysia which serve better Thai food than this one.

    Haha, you're too late my girl =P

    Yeah, looked nice and tasted good too!

    Hi tey, thanks for the compliment and visit! Wish you have a nice day too!

    beverly's secret:
    Yup, it's $10.50 per set, which includes a main course and coconut rice.

    somewhere in singapore:
    The dishes were great, it just that they contain too much of coconut milk...

  8. can i have the burger? pls... ???

  9. 天狼星:

    Haha, did u just post the comment in the wrong post? But it's alright! I think you can get the burger from any KFC branches in Malaysia too?

  10. Wonderful are quite talented!


  11. denise:

    Hey there, thanks for your compliment! I have just dropped by your website too.


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