Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hervey Bay: Home Cooked Seafood Dinner

Home-Cook Seafood Dinner at Hervy Bay

It was my first time preparing and cooking such a big meal in a resort hotel that night, the night when we visited Hervey Bay, which also happened to be our first! Yeah, we seemed to experience a lot of first times on this trip! *giggles* From the groceries stores, we've bought half a dozen of freshly frozen crabs, a kilo of prawns, few packs of instant noodles, and some broccoli. It's pretty amazing how we cooked this meal with only limited ingredients and seasoning like sugar, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, garlic, butter, and beer.

Home-Cook Seafood Dinner at Hervy Bay: Beer Braised Crab

Beer Braised Crab (啤酒蟹), Belinda's cooking.

Home-Cook Seafood Dinner at Hervy Bay: Butter Praw

Butter Prawn (奶油虾).
My mommy used to cook this dish very often, but with only butter and salt, simple and tasty.

Home-Cook Seafood Dinner at Hervy Bay: Me and LiSan

Me and San.
I've already got myself changed for bed after a warm and bubbling jacuzzi *blush*

Home-Cook Seafood Dinner at Hervy Bay

Can't wait to taste the crabbies now!!! xD~

Home-Cook Seafood Dinner at Hervy Bay: Sweet and Spicy Crab

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to one of my specialty dishes:
Tomato and Chilli Crab (甜辣蟹).

Home-Cook Seafood Dinner at Hervy Bay: Noodle

Hand mixed instant noodle, really saved us a lot of time and energy of stir frying it.


  1. thanks for ur condolence wishes ...

    gosh...seriously looks braised crabs ... i admire all your cooking at this age esp still a student...i remembered when i was a student...i not able to cook like this kind of food...kudos!

  2. Wah can cook crab some all are really good. I think I'll just be shaking my legs, watching the TV :P.

  3. vialentino:
    I'm a mud crab lover, but the blue crab we bought were really fresh and sweet. Gosh, I love them so so much <3

    I would love to just sit on the balcony and listen to the sea... but we couldn't find any seafood restaurant which serves good seafood at a reasonable price =x


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