Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Olé Spanish Restaurant Southbank: Early Birthday Celebration Dinner

Olé Spanish Restaurant Soutbank
A birthday getaway can't be complete without a romantic candlelight dinner with Mr. Choo at Olé, a Spanish restaurant located in the heart of Brisbane's South Bank. We came on foot, approximately 20 minutes walk away from Queen Street Mall. It was a chilly and windy evening, certainly too chilly and windy for a stroll along the South Bank Parklands, but I survived having Mr. Choo around to keep my hands warm. Out of so many other restaurants, we've picked Olé, thinking that we had never tried Spanish cuisine before. Great ambiance, very nice food presentation and flavors I would say.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday Getaway Trip Day 1: Sunnybank and Brisbane

Roadtrip to Brisbane and Gold Coast
Here comes Mr. Choo's pre-birthday celebration cum weekend getaway to Brisbane and Gold Coast!!! We made sweet memories together, apart from being showered by an abundance of delicious meals, plushy accommodation, fabulous shopping goodies and so forth. The weather was exceptionally good as well after a rainy and freezing cold night.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Itching Heart

Holiday Mood
I've got a confession to make today, I think... I am... addicted... to traveling!!! My heart has been constantly itching for trips ever since I came back from the Great Barrier Reef. It's addictive I must say! And recently, I saw a "Full-Day Guided Bus Tour of Stradbroke Island" deal online somewhere for just $39 *pulls hair and screams with madness* I seriously do not wish to miss out this super great deal. So I guess I better start off using my voodoo persuasive skills on Mr. Choo and try to convince some friends or travel buddies to join us too. You know, more people equals to more fun!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Recovering and Getting There...

I actually looked and felt a lot better after being sick for more than a week now. Healthy is good! At least I have the mood and energy to study for my coming IELTS test, like I did this morning. My first attempt achieved 7.0 overall band score, not proud considering what I needed was band 7.0 for each four components. This time around, I'm well prepared with lots of reading, studying, and fingers crossed my efforts pay off and I'll be blessed fruitfully.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fraser Island: Lake McKenzie and Central Station

I noticed there are heaps of photos of our trips to Singapore, Shen Zhen, Sydney and many others that left sitting on my hard drive since forever. Not to say that I did not try to urge myself to blog about them while the memory was still fresh, but sometimes I just got too tired and busy, and eventually, the excitement of posting fades away. However today, something tickled my fancy to dig out those photos of our Fraser Island trip. It was almost one and a half year ago (I know, I still look the same! Is that a good thing or bad?), we went on the Fraser Explorer Day Tour to Eli Creek, Maheno Shipwreck on 75-Mile Beach, Lake McKenzie and Central Station of the Great Sandy National Park. Good old memories ♥

Fraser Island: Lake McKenzie and Central Station

Monday, May 14, 2012

My 20-ish Birthday Celebration at the Sizzler

My Birthday Bash at the Sizzler
My oh my, what's with me dressing up all pretty with a rainbow colored ice-cream cake sitting right in front of me? Well, today, the 14th of May, is my actual birthday. The celebration, however, took place a day earlier which was just yesterday in a local buffet restaurant, accompanied by a bunch of my close friends. And yes, it was a blast! ♥

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Highlights of the Week

Outfit of the Day: Full of Hearts
My third post in May, which basically sums up the highlights of the entire week last week, as well as today. Be mindful because you're about to be loaded with excessive pictures of my sweet smiles, besides a collection of the good food I had. The worst part is, those extra calories have already turned into fats, and making themselves so comfortable under my skin now >.< I went for an eye test this afternoon, the Optometrist said I did a great job maintaining my eyesight for the past 5 or probably 7 years *flattered* Oh yeah, I've been wearing the same old geeky glasses for years and it's time for a change! Thanks Mr. Choo, for giving me such a wonderful yet practical birthday pressie this year.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Baskin Robbins: Mud Cake Sundae on Monday

Baskin Robbins: Mud Cake Sundae on Monday
It was the Labor Day public holiday today here in Australia. I woke up to a perfectly fine weather, greeted by blue sky, sparkling sunlight, and gentle cool breeze. I guess I just couldn't stop falling in love with the sunny days we've been having, could I? It's a shame in the meantime to tell that we didn't really have the luxury of traveling to any faraway places, but endured a long and boring weekend staying in this small town of Queensland. To make things up a bit, we decided to drop by Baskin Robbins for some sweet treats, before visiting our friends and their cute little baby in the afternoon.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Random Stuff on Random Days

Random shots
May, the birth month of Tauruses and Geminis has eventually kicked in! Good news is, I'll be celebrating my 21st (I wish) birthday this month, while the bad news is, I'm getting one year older than the year before!!! I feel helpless, because there's absolutely nothing I could do to stop these numbers from increasing, besides growing older and older, each and everyday. But I did somehow feel comforted remembering what this blogger once told me, "Age is just a number, it's how you feel inside that counts". So I guess, as long as you're feeling young deep down inside, there should be no problem in staying forever young at all. I'm saying your heart and mind, not physically, duh! Anyways, I shall start my first post (in the month of May) with a collection of my chubby faces taken randomly on random days. I must warn ya, hold your mouse and stop scrolling down if you think you can't handle my chubbiness ;p
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