Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09.09.09 at Fire + Ice Restaurant

Fire + Ice Restaurant

September 9th of 2009 (09.09.09) is a very meaningful day especially to those Chinese couples who intent to engage or to get married in 2009. In Chinese, the figure 9 represents "forever", so 999 actually means "forever and ever". We did not get married nor engage on that day, all we did was just a little celebration between two of us, indulged ourselves with some great food and beverages at Fire + Ice Restaurant.

Fire + Ice Restaurant

Mmm, this one looks tempting to me! Let me have a taste first...

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo, a special coffee with alcohol.

Fire + Ice Restaurant

I didn't take it though, as it contains alcohol. My boi did.

Fire + Ice Restaurant

Tomato, Basil, & Three Cheese Pizza Bread.

Fire + Ice Restaurant

It's super duper cheesy and very delicious too!!! If you don't believe...

Fire + Ice Restaurant

Just see with your own eyes!!!
Please ignore the blur image if it irritates you =x

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Chicken Breast Butteflied

Chicken Breast Butterflied topped with tomato chutney and buffalo mozzarella.

Fire + Ice Restaurant

My silly boi...

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Lamb Backstrap

Both the chicken breast and Lamb Backstrap are the signature dishes, but we found that they weren't that yummy really, compared to the pork belly dish we had on our first visit.

Fire + Ice Restaurant

By the way, did you notice that my eyes looked extra big today?

Fire + Ice Restaurant

One last shot before we left for home.

Address: 839 Ruthven St, Kearneys Spring QLD 4350, Australia‎.
Contact: 1800 008 269‎


  1. I did read about thousands of Chinese people getting married on 09/09/09 which is pretty special I think. Your food looks fabulous - that pizza bread OMG I could eat all of that! Delicious!

  2. What you did to your eyes? You wearing contact lens?

  3. Katie:
    Yeah, that's what most Chinese usually believe in. And the pizza was super delicious!!! I managed to have two pieces only, not more than that =x

    Hehe, I didn't do anything to my eyes and I don't wear contact lens either. Maybe it was because I had enough sleep the night before ;)

  4. Fat liao la eat so much pizza!!! hahahaha

    I will not get married on 999 the actual lunar calendar is month of july! It's a ghost month!

    Not as big deal as 888 last year ;)


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