Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's Been a While

Dinner at the Coffee Club
This winter has been giving me hard times forever . It's cold (not snowing cold but icy air cold), overly exaggerated in dryness which sucks up all the moisture in my skin, making every single inch of my body itches like crazy!!! *pulls hair and screams*

A|X Armani Exchange AX5063 Women's Watch
My first timepiece from A|X Armani Exchange ❤ Rose gold and white. I must confess that I have far more obsession towards analogue watches than digital ones since high school.

Dinner at the Coffee Club
I woke up with a 6.5 magnitude earthquake going on in my head yesterday. Despite feeling a little dizzy wizzy, I think I also had a mild fever, plain exhausted from the badminton games, and obviously not in the mood to cook. Otherwise, you wouldn't see these photos of us dining out at the Coffee Club, right? ;)

Dinner at the Coffee Club
An intensely satisfying mug of hot chocolate with two marshmallows, real thick and creamy!

Dinner at the Coffee Club
We were starving! So Mr. Choo ordered an entree, which came out together with the mains instead of before.

Dinner at the Coffee Club
Wedges with Cheese and Bacon, should have gone for the more appetizing sweet chilli and sour cream. These were just too filling =s

Dinner at the Coffee Club
My high protein and super healthy dinner.

Dinner at the Coffee Club
Grilled Salmon with steamed veggies and mashed potatoes.

Dinner at the Coffee Club
Caught Mr. Choo with a mouth full of food =3

Dinner at the Coffee Club
Club Sandwich with chips and salad.

Dinner at the Coffee Club
Our silly mug shot =p

Fitting Room: Little Black Dress
Something I tried out on one of the shopping days, nice right? It's a shame that the little black dress and silver metal collar necklace actually added up to over a hundred bucks. 

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