Friday, November 19, 2010

The Spotted Cow: Kitt's Farewell Dinner

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: JUst Me

I'm back from M.I.A. finally...  but please, please don't get cranky with me for not updating my blog in the past 168 hours? =P I've been caught up with so many things lately, my casual and part-time jobs (still looking for a full-time job though if you got any to recommend), moving house, farewelling my friends and etc. In the end, you'll always find that there are just too many things, too little time... Tonight, we made up a supplementary farewell dinner for Kitt and her bf. My initial idea was to have it at the Toowoomba Sports Club but who knows, our friends didn't get to go in because no slippers are allowed =.=" Nevermind, we then changed the location to the Spotted Cow. Without realizing that the restaurant is now run by the new management, we picked a table, sat down, placed our orders, and from there, things started to get a little out of hand.

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: King Salmon

Grilled salmon with fresh tomato and herb salsa. Vera and I both ordered the same dish but when the meals were delivered to our table, she found that her piece of salmon was actually a lot smaller than mine.We then waved for the wait staff, one of the two waitresses (the brunette) came over and "explained" to us that the kitchen actually measures the ingredients by weight. After listened to such perfunctory explanation, Vera refused to take her meal as the $28.90 Organic King Salmon dish totally doesn't worth what she's paying (FYI, that's my salmon on top, not hers). She went on to talk to the chef and requested for a refund instead. Eventually, the waitress came back to her to tell her that they couldn't do any refund but to cook her another one piece of salmon. Two small pieces of salmon for the price of one, fair enough.

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: Cynthia and Me

With the girl, Cynthia who was told to dress up for tonight's farewell dinner.

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: Hot Cappucino

Cappuccino for me as usual.

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: Barramundi Fillet

Grilled Barramundi Fillet with fresh tomato and herb salsa.

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: My Boi

According to my boi, his meal (the Barramundi) was just okay.

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: St. German Mussels

St. German Mussels with white wine, chives, saffron, and creamy garlic sauce.
I assume Kitt liked them since she got no complaints or criticism during the dinner.

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: Kitt

Another friend leaving us :'(

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: Friendship Forever

Slippers vs. Pumps

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: Beer Battered Whiting

Beer Battered Whiting with chunky chips and lime aioli.
Lovely fish and dipping sauce, but the chips were simply soggy and tasteless (mine as well).

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: Vera and Daren

Vera and Daren.

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: Kitt and Jonathan

Kitt and her bf, Jonathan. Just met him at Kitt's farewell party last night.

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: Girls Groupie

Girls groupie with the cow! LoL~
I know it looked funny but that was the only good spot to take photo.

Kitt's Farewell Dinner: Me and Kitt

Kitt and I. Seriously, this babe needs to put on another few more kilos (just the body of course, I know she doesn't and never wanna have extra "meat" on her face, haha) to avoid being blown away by the strong wind =P Take care and farewell, my friend! ❤

Address: 296 Ruthven St, Toowoomba QLD 4350, Australia‎.
Contact: (07) 4639 3264‎

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  1. hehehhehe back from MIA is good :) and so again lot of beautiful girls :)

    For the moment there I was wondering who's the cow your referring to? :)

    Nice foods as always.... but i think the one you cook is even better.

    maybe one day I should try your mum's cooking :) your mom have own business doing food or something?

  2. Is Cynthia and Vera sister? they look really alike.. I feel that since the last few post :)

  3. The cappuccino looks good....yum! But why is it called The Spotted Cow? lol

  4. Netster:
    Nobody's! It's not even a real one :p
    Thanks, hehe~ my mom's cooking is the best! (to me at least) And she only cooks for us, not owning a restaurant or anything.

    Yvon S:
    Yes, they are. I think both of them have pretty similar face structures =]

    I'm not sure why but the restaurant was named that way since 1892...


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