Tuesday, December 31, 2013

VIA.PRE Italian Restaurant: Christmas Eve Dinner

First of all, Happy New Year's Eve and Happy 2014 in advance to my dearest family, friends and everyone who reads my blog out there!!! 2013 has been a tough year for me, tougher than I could ever imagined but I made it through alive and kicking. It's all good, Christina. It's all good.

I was not in mood that night on the Christmas Eve. Damn emo as Mr. Choo wasn't here with me to celebrate. Just like today, counting down on the loneliest and most hollow New Year's Eve. #ForeverAlone Been using this hashtag way too frequent lately =(

Due to time and work issues, we changed plan to dine out at VIA.PRE in Weld Quay instead of busying ourselves preparing Christmas Eve dinner at home. Pretty good feedback I've heard about the Italian restaurant and hence the visit. Reservation was made earlier before we left the house. It's disappointing how reluctant they were to set up our table until we got there.

VIA.PRE Italian Restaurant Penang: Christmas Eve's Dinner

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pesta Chingay, Lion & Dragon Dance Parade 2013 at Esplanade Penang

It was a happening night last night along Jalan Padang Kota Lama and in front of Penang City Hall. There was this annual Pesta Chingay, Lion and Dragon Dance Parade going on between supposingly 7.30pm to 11pm, but it got delayed somehow.

The carnival hasn't even started by the time we arrived -________________-

We arrived late and the time was almost 9. So we decided to walk around a bit, picked up some fruits from the nearby hawkers where my random, silly act sparked everyone into laughter *burst out laughing*, luckily there were only three of us. Then tardily, we strolled back to witness the opening of the carnival.

Pesta Chingay, Lion & Dragon Dance Parade 2013 at Penang Esplanade

Friday, December 13, 2013

Gala House Restaurant & Cafe: Girls Gathering

Gala House is one of the latest addition on Muntri Street downtown. On a not-so-busy Wednesday evening, we came with a bunch of girls, they're my sister's girlfriends, technically. With the intention to celebrate one of the girl's birthday. Eating, chit-chatting and exchanging lame jokes. LOL. It was fun indeed although I couldn't quite catch-up.

We walked in to be seated on this table outside the cafe, it was drizzling a bit and the acoustic duet version of Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" was forever looping in the background. Grrrrrr, I guess they really do love that song A LOT. *pulls hair*

We later requested to move to a warmer spot after placing our order. I mean, I wouldn't mind sitting outside if it was warm and breezy but definitely not when it's chilly and rainy. Furthermore, it has better lighting and dining ambiance inside. Friendly staffs, and lovely presentation and plating are also a plus.

Gala House Italian Restaurant Georgetown Penang

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bangkok Trip: Wat Maha That / Monastery of the Great Reli in Ayutthaya

The sun shines so much brighter this morning, when I woke up. The flowers smell sweeter and the grass look greener. Hehe, I'm in a cheery mood apparently. Little things make me happy =)

Today, you're lucky enough to get to lay your eyes on one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Thailand, Wat Maha That aka "Monastery of the Great Reli". But before showing you the actual images, I shall just brief you through a little history of Wat Maha That, written on one the notice boards there.

"Wat Maha That is located to the east of the grand palace. It is the royal temple and most sacred in Ayutthaya during the glorious time. Buddha relics were enshrined in the Mahathat Chedi (the principle pagoda). This monastery was once the residence of the Supreme Patriarch.

According to Ayutthaya chronicle, Mahathat Chedi was starting to be built in the reign of Phra Borom Rajathirat I (Khun Luang Pha -Ngua) in 1374 and completed in the reign of King Ramesuan.

In the reign of King Song Tham, the principal pagoda collapsed through the foundation but it was restored later in the reign of King Prasat Thong.

This monastery was destroyed and had been burnt in the last war between Ayutthaya and Burma in A.D. 1767 and was left ruined."

Bangkok Trip: Wat Maha That

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bangkok Trip: Bang Pa-In Palace / Summer Palace in Ayutthaya

Sipping on a tall Chocolate Cream Chip as I'm writing this post in Starbucks, one word - YUMMEH! It's the only coffee-free drink I enjoy most from the coffeehouse chain stores so far. Yeah, speaking of the miserable life of a gastric sufferer.

Bangkok seems distant now. I hardly remember the details about our Bangkok trip anymore. Blame my prematurely aged brain. Argh! Gotta watch my sodium intake from now on. You better, Christina!

We joined local tour again on day 4. First stop of our marathon temple tour was Bang Pa-In Palace aka the Summer Palace located in Bang Pa-In district, Ayutthaya Province. Approximately 60km away from the Baiyoke Sky Hotel we stayed in Bangkok. It was a great honor to be able to visit the facilities once utilized by the royal family, despite the blazing hot sun that cost us so much sweat and strength.

Bangkok Trip: Bang Pa-in Royal Palace / Summer Palace
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