Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bon Voyage, My Dear Girls

surprise Farewell Party: Me and Cynthia

Bon voyage is a French phrase borrowed into English meaning, literally, "good journey", and usually translated as meaning "have a good trip". It was a line suggested by Kitt (if I'm not mistaken), and I just shamelessly stole the explanation from Wikipedia =x Anyway, it doesn't really matter as the main point of my post today is about farewelling our dearest girlfriends, Bev and Shaine. We secretly started our SFP "Surprise Farewell Party" mission on the 1st of October. In between, we did put in a lot of efforts and lied a lot too, for the sake of the surprise party (I do hope they were really surprised). Once again, thanks everyone for making it happen, also thanks my boi for fetching us here and there to buy the ingredients and everything needed for the farewell party.

surprise Farewell Party: Boiled Prawns

Nicely arranged (by my boi) boiled prawns and boiled eggs, the side ingredients to be added into the Prawn Mee or Curry Laksa.

surprise Farewell Party: Me and Vera

Me and Vera, looks like somebody is wearing her new top huh?

surprise Farewell Party: Cutting Jelly

Cutting the jelly into square pieces.

surprise Farewell Party: Peach Jelly

I made two types of jelly, one peach flavor, one original.

surprise Farewell Party: Me and Shaine

Me and Shaine, she will be leaving at the end of this month :(

surprise Farewell Party: Busy Eating

Everyone was too busy tasting Cynthia's yummylicious cooking.

surprise Farewell Party: Bev and Me

Bev and I. She left us the next day after the farewell party :'( I burst into tears when hugging her goodbye... Still remember the last time I cried for a good friend was back in 1999, when my highschool bestie and I being distributed to different classes after form 2. I got myself into Science stream doing Biology, Chemistry and Physics, while she was doing Accounting in Art stream.

surprise Farewell Party: Mel and Me

Melodii, I liked her smile with her teeth showing.

surprise Farewell Party: Kitt and Me

I'm like a big sister standing next to Kitt.

surprise Farewell Party: Yuki and Me

Bev's little sister, Yuki.

surprise Farewell Party: Bev and Shaine

We had their eyes closed before taking out the "Slippers Cake" specially made by Cynthia.

surprise Farewell Party: The Girls

Girls groupie!!!

surprise Farewell Party: The Guys

The guys... erm, a bit too little don't you think?

surprise Farewell Party: Cynthia and Me

Cynthia did look a little bit tired after a long day of hard work.

surprise Farewell Party: Farewell Pressies

We then continued to surprise the girls with two BIG cards decorated with our photos, ribbons, stickers and best wishes from each and every one of us. We intended to make them a scrapbook at first, but since everyone was so busy working on their assignments, Veron, Vera, San, and I had to spend extra time from buying, printing to decorating the cards. Thanks ladies! The entire process was really fun and enjoyable ;)

surprise Farewell Party: Cynthia and Me

Rows of polariod photos taken using Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S cameras.

surprise Farewell Party: Myself

Btw, this is the second maxi dress I bought, like it?

surprise Farewell Party: Me and Daren

Me and Daren, he seemed to be afraid of touching my shoulder, LoL!

surprise Farewell Party: Me and Fong

Me and Fong. I shall take more photos with them from now on, just in case I ever need it for the next coming farewell.


  1. wah... welcome back to Malaysia.

    Wah... i dont know what to comment...

    I should see more this great party or not?

  2. Very thoughtful of you all to do so much for your friends...=). So touching...

  3. CH Voon:
    Hmm, maybe but it won't be that frequent anymore, as everyone is busy with their own things like exams, assignments, and works.

    Thanks, two of them are such good friends to us ;)


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