Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Novotel Brisbane: Room Service Please

Novotel Brisbane

In one of my earlier RiverFire trip posts, I mentioned that my boi and I were offered one-night free accommodation at the 4.5 star Novotel Brisbane. Not only that, we were also given a $50 dining voucher to be used for either in-room dining or in the hotel restaurant! So, why waste the opportunity to indulge ourselves with finger-smackingly good food under such delightful circumstance?!

Novotel Brisbane: Cheese Plate

Here comes our Cheese Plate chosen from the Sleep Walker Menu.

Novotel Brisbane: Cheese Plate

Crisp crackers, dried fruit, and a variety of cheese... yum!

Novotel Brisbane: Cheese Plate

Blue Cheese, something I'd never put into my mouth ever again =x

Novotel Brisbane: Making Coffee

Coffee making in process.

Novotel Brisbane: Coffee

A nice cup of Nespresso coffee is ready in just a snap of fingers!

Novotel Brisbane: Big Breakfast

The next morning, we ordered two Big Breakfast, very filling indeed...

Novotel Brisbane: Big Breakfast

Eggs, roasted tomato, bacon, chipolata sausage, sauteed mushroom and hash browns.

Novotel Brisbane: Big Breakfast

We both woke up with puff eyes o.O"

Novotel Brisbane: Big Breakfast

Fried eggs for me, and scrambled eggs for my boi.


  1. I miss those chared bacon and sausages (and fries).

  2. --andy--
    Oh, do you! They don't have similar stuff over there? =D

  3. emotionalistic:
    It was my first time taking room service... made me feel like a VIP somehow =D


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