Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Autumn in Sydney: Food Indulgence

Hello Sydney! Hello Aussies! Excuse me if I freaked out any of you with my close-up. LOL. Things are sailing smooth here down under, despite the excessive amount of rain we're getting during the change of season. Honestly, it's far more colder than I imagined it would be. Or perhaps, I'm already so used to the steaming hot weather in Malaysia that I forgot how cold it can be in autumn.

When in Sydney: Selfie

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sydney in April

Sorry guys, I feel terribly sorry for contributing only 2-3 posts in the past two months. That's like the amount of post I used to write in a week -__________-

Life has been grateful and miserable at the same time. So much thoughts and feelings overflowing, yet I can't put them in words. #TypicalTaurus Have faith, Christina. Have faith. There will be sunshine after the rain.

Speaking of rain, I kinda brought it all the way from Penang to Sydney. Hahaha!

Visiting Sydney: Air Asia

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bangkok Trip: Wat Na Phra Men and Wat Lokayasutharam in Ayutthaya

Finally, I made time to conclude my Bangkok Trip happened back in October last year. What an effort! It's been almost half a year away from now already. Time really does fly huh? I'm trying very hard to recall what we did within our four days in Bangkok. Pictures are scattered everywhere, in my iPhone, my sis and brother-in-law's cameras. So, here we go guys! A summary of our tours and activities after some serious digging.

Day 1:
- Arrived in Bangkok after spending 23 hours on the train from Butterworth.
- Checked-in Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
- Lunch at Koh-I-Noor Restaurant.
- Visited Chatuchak Weekend Market.
- Buffet dinner at the Bangkok Balcony Crystal Grill on the 82nd floor of Baiyoke Sky Hote.
- Visited Observation Deck on the 77th floor and The Bangkok's 360° Revolving Roof Deck on the 84th floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel. 

Day 2:
- Buffet breakfast at Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
- Visited Palm Sugar Making and Orchid Farm.
- Lunch at Chao Phraya Floating Market.
- Shopped at Platinum Fashion Mall.
- Had hawkers for dinner on a street near the Pathum Wan Police Area.
- Shopped at the night market.

Day 3:
- Buffet breakfast at Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
- Visited Bang Pa-In Palace (Summer Palace).
- Visited Wat Maha That (Monastery of the Great Reli).
- Visited Wat Na Phra Mane and Wat Lokayasutharam.
- Buffet lunch on River Sun Cruise.
- Shopped at CentralWorld.
- Visited Than Toa Mahaprom (Erawan Shrine).
- Thai food for dinner in MBK Center.

Day 4:
- Buffet breakfast at Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
- Shopped at the Day Market.
- Lunch at the Don Mueang Internation Airport.
- Flight from Bangkok to Penang.

Next, you'll get to witness the last two temples we visited in Ayutthaya Province. One of them was Wat Na Phra Men aka the "Monastery in Front of the Funeral Pyre" which sometimes also referred as Wat Na Phra Meru, located off the city island in the northern area of Ayutthaya in Tha Wasukri sub-district.

Wat Na Phra Mane, Ayutthaya, Thailand

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Made In Penang Interactive Museum (美因槟廊)

On one of the weekends during Chinese New Year, we visited Made In Penang Interactive Museum, located right next to VIA.PRE Italian Restaurant in Pengkalan Weld. It was after breakfast when we came with a huge crowd of people gushing in and out with their cameras.

Entrance fees as following:
  • RM10 for kids, students (with student card) and senior citizens (60 and above).
  • RM15 for mykad holders.
  • RM30 for non mykad holders.

Made In Penang Interactive Museum Georgetown

Friday, February 21, 2014

Crystals in Orient Cave, Jenolan Caves

We drove 180 kilometres from where we stayed in Sydney to Jenolan Caves that morning. The exact same day we visited the Echo Point Lookout. Same outfit, same everything. I'm glad I wore crocs as there's quite a lot of walking involved.

Jenolan Caves: Orient Cave
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