Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekends Come, Weekdays Go

Dinner at Coffee Club
It's hard to believe that we came to the Coffee Club twice in a row within just this week! First was to catch-up with a good buddy, second was for last night's dinner. Tired. I tried hard to rest myself but my tiredness doesn't seem to want to go away these days *sighs helplessly* I guess, after all, there's really no escape from getting older and being reminded of it, is there? =\

Dinner at Coffee Club
Nothing like a hot cup of chocolate on a cold windy day.

Dinner at Coffee Club
Potato Wedges. Loved them with sweet chilli and sour cream, yum =D~

Dinner at Coffee Club
Grilled Salmon with Chips and Salad for me. I'll never get enough of seafood, trust me!

Dinner at Coffee Club
Best BLT in town!!! I said so, haha ;p

Dinner at Coffee Club
My weary face after a catnap in the afternoon.

Dinner at Coffee Club
See, Mr. Choo, people are watching you!

Dinner at Coffee Club
Me and him in matching colors.

Instragram Photos
Jacarandas blooming everywhere in spring. Simply mesmerizing ♥

Instragram Photos
Mogu Mogu Fruit Juice with Nata de Coco. Mango and orange are my most favorites. They're also other flavors like pineapple, lychee, strawberry, and grape.

Instragram Photos
Delicious goodies from friend. Maxim's Snowy Dessert Gallery (美心冰皮甜品博览).
  • Mango and Pomelo Dessert (杨枝甘露)
  • Red Bean with Chestnut (红豆栗子)
  • Angel Chocolate Crunch (天使脆脆)
  • Green Tea with Red Bean and Yam (宇治金时)
  • Chocolate Crunch with Soft Filling (心太软)
  • Devil Dark Chocolate Crunch (魔鬼脆脆)
  • Mango Crunch (芒果脆脆)
  • Strawberry Crunch (士多啤梨脆脆)

Instragram Photos
A range of Korean healthy drinks Mr. Choo picked up recently. Woongjin Zaionun Grape Juice and Barley Tea, Arizona Blueberry White Tea, Hong Cho Blueberry Drinking Vinegar, and Sempio Black Rice Drinking Vinegar. He's high on vinegar drinks for sure.

Instragram Photos
Little Furby in yellow, one of baby Preston's birthday gifts which I found pretty cute and funny, impressively cute and funny. It's a hamster-owl-like electronic robotic toy speaking its very own language, Furbish. LOL! You may tickle it, pet it, tilt it, hold it, pull its tail, turn it upside down, shake it and so on and it dances, sings, eats, laughs, learns, loves and changes as in developing its very own characters.

Instragram Photos
Bulla's Creamy Classics Dessert with Choc Chip. I had it at work the other day and it was truly creamy (as it called), not too bad for a quick snack. Okay, that's all for today! Good night and happy weekend to all of yas <3 xoxo


  1. All the food look delicious, and that hot chocolate looks so rich and yummy. I too am admiring the pretty jacaranda trees at the moment.

    PS: I'd like to invite to join the Bosisto's giveaway at my blog, I have 4 lavender packs up for grabs here:

    1. Thanks Trishie for the invitation and visit! I've already submitted my entry, cheers =)


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