Monday, July 26, 2010

Brunch at Engine Room Cafe

Engine Room Cafe Toowoomba: Lightings

Last night, I suggested my boi to take me out for brunch on the next day (which is today) at the Coffee House in Hume Street. But unfortunately, things didn't go as plan after we woke up from bed. Both of us happened to have no appetite for any western food at all. So in the end, we came to Engine Room Cafe for their rice dishes. Very typical "rice pails" (饭桶) we are...

Engine Room Cafe Toowoomba: Massaman Chicken

Please excuse my messy hair... I didn't have enough time to blow-dry them this morning =/

Engine Room Cafe Toowoomba: Massaman Chicken

Massaman Chicken.
The potato and meat were tender and flavorful, but the rice was a bit too soggy though. 

Engine Room Cafe Toowoomba: Summer Chicken

Summer Chicken.

Engine Room Cafe Toowoomba: Engine Room Chai

Engine Room Chai, an Indian recipe used to treat colds and reduce stress.

Engine Room Cafe Toowoomba: Engine Room Chai

It's a good remedy for my boi since he's not feeling quite well today.

Engine Room Cafe Toowoomba: Honey Syrup

Add some honey if you like.

Engine Room Cafe Toowoomba: Giant Silver Key

See how big is this silver key charm?!

Engine Room Cafe Toowoomba: Kissing Couple

Some cute and lovely items sold in the restaurant.

Engine Room Cafe Toowoomba: Kissing Couple

Sweet right?!

Address: 1 Railway St, Toowoomba QLD 4350, Australia.
Contact: (07) 4637 8444


  1. i like the last picture of both of them kissing...very cute.

    very nice cafe and the food u had there....

  2. The summer chicken looks good, what about the taste? What are those couples? Salt and pepper shaker?

  3. Thats all are amazing.... :))
    very nice pictures.... :)
    thanks for the sharing...!!!

  4. the last photos look cute... what is the their function? for store pepper and salt? i want one too... can buy at malaysia?

  5. vialentino:
    Thanks via, the cafe is more like a place which serves food and sell souvenirs at the same time.

    The chicken tasted okay, just the meat was a bit too tough =/
    I'm not so sure, but I suppose they are the salt and pepper shakers too =)

    Urgent Essay:
    Thanks for your visit too!

    CH Voon:
    As emotionalistic mentioned, salt and pepper shaker maybe.
    But I don't think they're available in Malaysia though, sorry =x


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