Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gone Going, Gone, Everything's Gone

Dear all,

I'll be going back to my hometown again, but this time gonna be a bit longer. (Start from 30th of June to 4th or 6th of July) I need to do a last minute shopping with my mommy before my flight on 10th of July, which is 10 days away from now! 我现在的心情好复杂... 好期待,又不舍得离开!好兴奋,却又觉得紧张!唉... 该怎么办?

Will u guys miss me when I'm gone? LoL I do hope so =P I will definitely miss Penang, miss Malaysia, miss my family, miss my hometown, miss my dearest friends and all the bloggers and shouters here. *sob sob* How am I gonna live without watching movies in the cinema? @_@

This is a full set pink "armor" which I'll be taking to Aussie. Lovely? Haha... Pinkish!!!

Hehe, some "souvenirs" I got from The Orient Voice Meeting (Part I, Part II, and Part III). Thanks to Nuffnang and ShoutOut.

I never really notice that "Asia's First Blog Advertising Community" is actually Nuffnang's slogan >.<" How embarassing I was...

Cute little Air Asia souvenirs given by my boi's aunt.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sungai Sedim in Kulim

I was quite surprised when reading a forwarded email from my sis regarding this recreational forest in Kulim (which is near to my hometown in Perak). I have done a first level research on this place, these are the information I've gathered and I'd love to share with all of u.

Sungai Sedim is a recreational forest about 30 km northeast of Kulim (South Kedah). The area is being privately developed into an extreme sports recreational centre with sporting activities such as Obstacle Course and Flying Fox, Night Treasure Hunt, White Water Rafting, and Canopy Walkway. It's a great place for those nature lovers, adventurers, and photography enthusiasts to explore.

To reach it from Penang, take the Butterworth-Kulim Highway until the end, and look for the road sign pointing to Hutan Rekreasi Sungai Sedim. For a long while you will pass through fruit plantation, through a very narrow country road before you finally arrive at the recreational area. If you have not been to Sungai Sedim, it isn't very easy to locate. Here is a road map for those who wish to visit this place. If you need any translation, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm So in Love with Transformers

*Note: This is NOT a spoiler post.

What would be your reaction after you watch Transformers? Let me tell you the words that I would use to describe it : stunning, breath taking, awesome, extremely cool, splendid, exciting, superb, and definitely MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE... Transformers rock!!! They are the bombs!!!

Haha, alright! I must admit that I'm totally in love with it even though the storyline has started for just a few minutes. Impressive I must say! As usual, I'm gonna be a bad spoiler and start telling you the interesting story seal my lips and make sure nothing will leak out here, happy? Hehe, hurry up and book your movie tickets now as it's hard to get them especially during weekends.I know some of you must be thinking that I've gone insane or out of my mind but I'm still gonna tell you that I LOVE TRANSFORMERS!!!

This morning when I was listening to, I found out about this website which belongs to a Transformers toys collectors who start collecting them since 1984 until now. He is having 3k plus of these Transformers toys and still counting. Sometimes, I really admire those who have the money and time to collect this kinda toys especially guys. I have a net friend who would spend 500 bucks or even more just to buy their "precious" and limited version toys from Japan or any other places.


A long time ago, far away on the planet of Cybertron, a war was being waged between the noble Autobots (led by the wise Optimus Prime) and the devious Decepticons (commanded by the dreaded Megatron) for control over the Allspark (the cube), a mystical talisman that would grant unlimited power to whoever possessed it. The Autobots managed to smuggle the Allspark off the planet, but Megatron blasted off in search of it. He eventually tracked it to the planet of Earth (circa 1850), but his reckless desire for power sent him right into the Arctic Ocean, and the sheer cold forced him into a paralyzed state. His body was later found by Captain Archibald Witwicky, and before going into a comatose state Megatron used the last of his energy to engrave a map, showing the location of the Allspark, into the Captain's glasses, and send a transmission to Cybertron. He is then carted away by the Captain's ship.

A century later, Sam Witwicky, nicknamed Spike by his friends, buys his first car. To his shock, he discovers it to be Bumblebee, an Autobot in disguise who is to protect Spike, as he bears the Captain's glasses and the map carved on them. But Bumblebee is not the only Transformer to have arrived on Earth - in the desert of Qatar, the Decepticons Blackout and Scorponok attack a U.S. military base, causing the Pentagon to send their special Sector Seven agents to capture all "specimens of this alien race," and Spike and his girlfriend Mikaela find themselves in the middle of a grand battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons, stretching from Hoover Dam all the way to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, within the depths of the Pentagon, the cryogenically stored form of Megatron awakens...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Transformers: Protect or Destroy?

*Note: This is NOT a spoiler post.
This afternoon, my boi get an emergency call from our coursemate, Desmond saying that the flight tickets on 11th of July have been canceled by MAS due to double booking which we've made at both the travel agency and Penang International Airport.

Six of us decided to meet up and have discussion at Batu Lanchang Coffee Shop about the critical flight issue and accommodation problems.

After we finish discuss everything, my boi and I rushed to Penang Internation Airport to inquire about the flight tickets available. According to Desmond, the latest flight tickets available are on 4th of July and it's selling fast.

As soon as we reached there, my boi stopped his car at the entrance and rushed to the counter. I was sitting in the car and waiting, so worried and panic... At first, the counter person told my boi that there's only two ways tickets for 2nd of July.

After my boi passed me the message, he went in again but this time the counter person says that all of the flights tickets from 1st - 30th of July are fully booked and sold to passengers. I was like OMG!!! What should we do now?! Don't tell me we gonna fly there on 3rd of August?!

Then I asked my boi to call Desmond again whether the travel agency have updated him or not. Thank God, Thai Airline has 3 slots on 10th and another 3 slots on 15th of July. I was like.... phew, finally relief!!!

Now 6 of us will be separated into 2 teams (3 persons each), the disadvantage of this flight is... we have to stay overnight in Bangkok Airport and continue our journey in the next morning. What to do! It's Thai Airline that we're taking!!!

It ain't really that bad after all, at least we get to save 4 days expenses (in AUD). Why? the previous flight was on 11th of July, now it's changed to 15th of July. Hehe, 熟语说大难不死,必有后福!So for tomorrow, either we will go to watch Transformers or go for a final shopping with my boi, still waiting for his decisions...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Surf's Up

My boi has bought me some sweet cherries for desserts this afternoon. The lunch box he delivered with chicken drumstick & chicken wings taste good and not so oily compared to others.

This is completely insane, I received this SMS at 3.42 a.m this early morning saying, "Congratulations! Anda memenangi WANG TUNAI RM11,000.00 dari DiGi. Infor sila hubungi perkhidmatan DiGi: 006281399293555. Syarat dan Terma tertakluk."

This is not the first time but don't know how many times they have sent me this kind of SMS. Have you receive any of it before? I believe it's a mobile scam.

Based on the groundbreaking revelation that surfing was actually invented by penguins. In the film, a documentary crew will take audiences behind the scenes and onto the waves during the most competitive, heartbreaking and dangerous display of surfing known to man, the Penguin World Surfing Championship.

(Source: Sony Pictures Releasing International)

Do you know what Lani use to safe drowning victims? It's a squid!!! LoL

Still remember Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) from Blades of Glory ? That's right, it's him! Hehe, I like this funny character =P He acted so innocent...

What about these two? One just care about fames, another one is responsible to search for the next potential surfers =D

Hehe, little penguins are so cute >.<"

Monday, June 25, 2007

LoL, Sakae Sushi Again?!


1 prawn, 2 pieces of fish meat, 3 pieces of tofu, and some mushrooms.


This kind of paper is so cool!


There are lots of cabbages inside.


It contains salmon, rice and seaweeds.


This is a must order when I'm feeling hungry.


We met Lasker & Elise when having dinner there, but Lasker didn't even notice us at all =x


Hehe, my boi looks serious in this shot.


Haha, this is nice =P


My boi was busy reading his newly bought tech mag.


Lazy piggie getting up from seat.

The Orient's Voice Penang Bloggers Meeting (Part III)

Thanks Nuffnang (Timothy Tiah and fellow Nuffnangers), Foodloft, Exabytes and Oomph! for sponsoring us, kudos for Cedric Ang and Dragon Head (Warren Tan) from Project 010 for the hard work and making this event successful.


Gathering "hair" from all over Kennysia's body.


Posing while others were busy taking his photo.


It was really tiring to pose like this >.<" Legs were shivering...


Kennysia's innocent face while holding his precious "hair" for charity auction. Timothy Tiah from Nuffnang has bid his "hair" for RM20, my boi wanted to bid higher for the upcoming "hair" but apparently 4 pieces had been bid for only RM20???


Haha, what was Kah Peng doing in this photo? LoL


We were the first group who reached there earliest at 11 plus, I thought that Foodloft was closed or something -_-"


Chinese food corner which serves typical Chinese food.


Nyonya food corner with limited choices.


Western food corner having much more choices compared to others.


Left to right (Back) : Lasker, Minny, Erlynda, Me, Saewei and Angeline.
Left to right (Front) : Chee Hsien, Cedric Ang (One of the organizers), Sukidayo (I spelled it correctly this time =P), and Leang.


Do, Re Mi, Fa, So...


Left to right (Standing) : Cedric, Andy, me, Nicholas, Criz Lai, unknown and Minny.
Left to right (Sitting) : Imin and unknown.


Wow, this is really too small to be seen.


Click for bigger view, thanks ^^v


What happened to the sea? The color of sea water is changing... Thanks to government's development plan and people who throw rubbish into the sea.

The Orient's Voice Penang Bloggers Meeting (Part II)


Man, I looked so "sleepy" in this photo lolz. 5ive girls with Ji Yuan aka Logic, the sugar daddy =x

A glass of Iced White Brew is definitely great on a sunny day.


Kah Peng's online gf, Angeline and I.


Me with the tall girl, Saewei.


The famous and good looking BenjiPapa aka Alex and I.


This is the definition of big and small =P Oopsie, tall and short I mean LoL.


My lovely baby boi and I.


Hehe, I simply love this shot. It's so sweet ^^


Thanks Warren aka Dragon Head for this shot with Kennysia.


Quiz session with Mr. Warren Tan having his speech on the tiny little glass stage =P


A quick interview session between Cedric and Kennysia.


Omeegosh, what was that lady doing with Kennysia's hairy sexy leg? The crowd seems to be overexcited seeing Kennysia's hair being cut. =_="
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