Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sunday Afternoon: Lunch at Angelo's House

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba

The very first and last time we visited Angelo's House Restaurant was exactly one month ago, in celebration of Chinese Valentine's Day (七夕). Last Sunday, Albee invited two of us to join her and Mandy to have lunch at this Italian restaurant again as she was very much allured by those food photos I posted in my blog, after our first visit here.

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba

The owner of Angelo's House has treated us very well throughout the meal.

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba: Garlic Bread

Angelo's Crispy Garlic Bread.

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba: Hot Chocolate

Hot Mallow Chocolate.

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba: Vegetable Risotto

Pistachio Nut Risotto with nuts, sun-dried tomato, red onion jam, garden herbs, cracked pepper and Parmesan Cheese.

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba: Grilled Fillet of Fish

Grilled Fillet of Fish, lapped with champagne beurre blanc, served on potato mash with vegetable medley.

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba: Veggie Salad

Veggie Salad with zucchini, broccoli, and capsicum.

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba

My boi has got himself something from Today's Special.

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba: Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon, it has better taste than the one we had at City Golf Club Restaurant.

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba: Italian Salad

Salad Italiano, mixed leaves, Kalamata olives, tomato, cucumber, onion, dressed with Angelo's olive oil and aged Balsamic.

Angelo's House Restaurant Toowoomba: Tosta di Carne

Rib fillet (150g and medium cooked) topped with mixed salad greens, roasted tomato, roasted pepper relish, lapped with pan jus (sauce) presented on an Italian bread slice served with chunky chips.

Address: 210 Herries St, Toowoomba QLD 4350, Australia‎.
Contact: (07) 4659 9200‎


  1. I want the Hot Chocolate!!!!


  2. love the vegetable rissotto and the grilled fish fillet....drooling now in the middle of night in the office...darn

  3. Netster:
    Hehe, the weather is getting warmer and warmer now. And soon, we would order some icy cold drinks instead of hot chocolate ;)

    OMG?! You worked too hard... but remember to take a good care of yourself, k?

    I really love they dishes they prepared for us, and we'll be coming back for more next time!


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