Saturday, March 27, 2010

Room Eighteen ( 拾八风味) Times Square

Room Eighteen, Berjaya Times Square

This brought us back to our trip to KL, somewhere at the end of January this year. On our second night here, we chose to have dinner at Room Eighteen (拾八风味), one of the Chinese restaurants located in Berjaya Times Square. Everyone's stomach (or maybe it was just mine :P) was grumbling for food, especially after an energy-consuming shopping + karaoke session in Sungei Wang for one whole day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dinner at Bindi Spot

Bindi Spot Indian Restaurant Toowoomba

We finished our practical lessons late after 6 this afternoon. And as soon as we walked out of the lab, my boi started to grumble for food. He suggested fast food for dinner tonight but I refused. So, in the end, we chose to have a proper meal at Bindi Spot instead.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Asian Cooking's The Best

Asian Cooking: Girls Cooking

The night after we had an abundant western-style dinner over my friend's place, straight away we planned for the second which took place on the following night. But this time around, it's Asian cooking!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Western Styled Dinner + Gathering

Home-Cook: Western Styled Dinner

Last Sunday, we were invited by our friends to join them dinner somewhere in Student Village. I was told that the chef of the day, Richmond was gonna cook us a western styled dinner. So, there I was, a few hours earlier to help out a little here and there. I also managed to steal some recipes from him too :P

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brand New (Used) Air Pump and Airstone for SALE

Selling the whole set for AUD 20 (postage not included), preferably COD (cash on delivery) in Toowoomba. Feel free to leave your comment(s) / enquiry here, or just simply e-mail me, thanks =)

Brand New (Used) Air Pump and Airstone for SALE

♥ FOR SALE: Aqua One 2500 Precision Air Pump ♥

Model: 2500
Maximum Flow Rate: 160 L / hour
Speed Control: High / Low
Energy Efficient: 3 W
No. of Outlets: Single
Operating Voltage: 240 V / 50 Hz
Suitability: Cold Water / Tropical / Marine
Warranty: 3 Years Guarantee (Upon Free Registration)
Items Included: Check Valve (Stop water from "back siphoning" into your air pump)

Special Deal: Buy Air Pump and Air Stone + Cynlinder Fish Tank now at only AU $50!!!
Click here if you wish to have a look at them now.

- High Performance
- Quiet and Efficient
- Single Outlet
- 2 Speed Control (High / Low)

3" Round Airstone:
Item no: AS-503B
Size: 3 Inches
Color: Blue & Orange
Made in Taiwan

How to use:
1. Connect the airstone with airline tubing.
2. Soak in water for 15 minutes before turning on air supply.

*Note: It has only been used once (less than 3 hours to be precise), and I'm selling them now cause my gold fishes died on the next morning, due to irregular temperatures I assume.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Black and White

Tuesday: Grocery Shopping

Just a quick update to show you my cute and chubby face :P

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Relaxing Sunday Afternoon

Relaxing Sunday Afternoon

This is me holding my BB's new BB (BlackBerry Curve 8520) in my hand. He got it FREE from BlackBerry® Australia & New Zealand, one of the social circle networks on Facebook about three weeks ago. How cool is that?!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Watch Autumn's Concerto Online 《下一站,幸福》

*Note: This post is specially dedicated to those who love Autumn's Concerto《下一站,幸福》.


在短短的两天内,我的整个人好像跟着这部刻骨铭心即浪漫的台湾偶像剧《下一站,幸福》经历了许多让我微笑,同时也让我流泪的画面。昨天晚上,我带着很一颗很期待却又很不舍得的心情把第二十一集(完结篇)给看完了。我感觉到好幸福,真的好幸福... 虽然很多人,特别是男生们都告诉我说看这些台湾偶像剧的女生很不现实,但我却觉得有时候,有些东西在现实生活中体会不到,感觉不到的,往往在剧情里都可以找得到。现在,故事结局了,又回到了现实生活中的自己...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Penang Night View

Penang Night View

These are two of the several other shots I took when visiting "Kek Lok Si" Temple during Chinese New Year this year. Unfortunately, the light decorations were switched off a short while after we reached the destination. So what's left for the rest of the night? Penang night view + drinks at Coffee Island. My advice for you is, don't ever go there for coffee unless you really don't mind tasting terrible drinks at all.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Waking Up In The Morning...

Waking up in the Morning

These two shots were taken when I first got up from my beauty sleep this morning. I showed no teeth in the photos cause I haven't even brushed my teeth that time. Nah, that's not the reason :P You can go ahead and laugh as hard as you want but at least I'm being honest about it ;)

Farewell Dinner at Batu Lanchang

Farewell Dinner @ Batu Lanchang

The night before I left for Australia, my aunt and her 5-year-old son threw me a farewell dinner at one of the seafood restaurants here in Batu Lanchang. My aunt's son, who is also my cousin, treats me like I was his girlfriend (although I'm 20 years older than him) cause he thinks that I look cute and pretty with long hair, LoL~ Occasionally, he would come to me and kisses me on my cheek and sometimes even on my lips. I'll never forget the first night I visited him, he told me in front of everyone that he got questions to ask me, but when I get my ears closer to him, he actually said, "You're so beautiful" and "I love you". Amazing right? Kids nowadays...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Leopard Print Fever

Leopard Print Fever

One day when my sissy and I were shopping in Gurney Plaza, I spotted this eye-catching pair of furry leopard-print earrings at Vince & Co. Outlet and immediately I made them as part of my earrings collection.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My New Pets Revealed

My New Pet: Gold Fishes

Ladies and gentlemen... this is my cute little pair of new pets. Yes, I've got myself gold fishes but not guinea pig! Surprise, surprise! No rewards for you since none of you got it right :P

Friday, March 5, 2010

Choosing My New Pet

Pets Galore: Guinea Pig

My boi has got me a new pet from Pets Galore this afternoon. Now, have a blind guess which of these did I actually choose to bring home with me?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Same Old Brand New Thai Cottage

Thai Cottage Restaurant: Money Bags

It has been raining non-stop everyday, since the very first moment I landed on the Aussie land. I can't help thinking that I might have brought back the massive rain fall which is about to flood the whole Toowoomba region in no time. Last night, we had our dinner here at "Thai Cottage". It's now run by new management, and the menu has slightly changed a little I guess.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My First Google Cheque

My First Google Cheque

Woohoo, I've finally got my very first Google cheque one month after both my payment requests from Google Adsense and Nuffnang Malaysia have been made. You wouldn't believe if I were to tell you that I'm still waiting for Nuffnang Malaysia to deliver my cheque all the way from KL to my hometown in Perak after two months. Anyway, just wanna thank Google Inc. for their efficiency in processing my payment ;)
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