Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fire and Ice Restaurant Toowoomba

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Entrance

On a cold winter's night, we decided to dine out at the award winning restaurant, fire+ice located at Ruthven Street. The dining area was pretty crowded as we entered the restaurant, we can hear people laughing and talking out so loud while having their meals. It's probably not an ideal place for us to have a nice and quiet romantic dinner, not tonight.

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Menu

Browsing through the dinner menu.

Fire + Ice Restaurant

White dress code with my pink comfy scarf.

Fire + Ice Restaurant

My boi playing game on his iPhone.

Fire + Ice Restaurant

Salt and pepper shakers.

Fire + Ice Restaurant

Sitting and waiting to be served.

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Pork Belly

Signature Dish: pork belly, goat's curd, potato mash, spinach, seared scallops, cucumber & apple relish.

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Pork Belly

The pork belly dish was very well cooked (soft and tender) and the taste was extremely delicious!!!

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Crumbled Calamari

Crumbed Calamari: Served with salad, chips & cocktail sauce.

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Crumbled Calamari

One of the weekly specials, it costs only $9.90 per meal!!!
Very ordinary salad, calamari and chips in satisfyingly huge portion, didn't like it.

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Dessert Special

Dessert Special: Steamed chocolate chip & almond pudding with anglaise & vanilla ice-cream.

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Gaming Room

A children's room with glass walls and soundproofing is provided for kids so that the rest of the family get to enjoy their meals peacefully.

Fire + Ice Restaurant

The dining area is decorated with authentic decors and dim romantic yellow lights.

Fire + Ice Restaurant: Colorful Lightings

Beautiful and colorful lightings at the bar area.

Address: 839 Ruthven St, Kearneys Spring QLD 4350, Australia‎.
Contact: 1800 008 269‎

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  1. Omg! The signature dish so yummy....mouth-watering...

  2. Really nice retaurant. The portion of calamari is really huge =D Nice!

  3. u look so cute!!

    anyway... the food looks so yum!! indeed a romantic dinner!

  4. @GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち: The pork belly was super tasty! We should really try out the other signature dishes next time. ^^

    @Stanley: Yeah, like a small mountain, can't even finish all of them by myself =)

    @renaye: Thank you *blushes* If only the restaurant wasn't so packed and noisy, that would be perfect.

  5. Wow. the light really impressed me so much. Dun know why~~

  6. @elims Chuang 光宏: Which one? The yellow light? It's quite unique ;)

  7. wah... a lot of nice food!

    Why? you eat a lot but not look fat... hehehehe...

    And also your boi boi...

    You exercise everyday?

  8. @CH Voon: LoL, I don't eat much actually =P but I do walk or jog or do some other exercises sometimes.

    Also, I think drinking green tea is helpful in loosing weight and it aids digestion too.

  9. neat place! nice food!
    looks classy! =D

  10. food n restaurant...super nice ah...haaa\

    v exotic..haa

  11. It's probably because the restaurant has just undergone a major renovation ^^

    @動 Orson: Yeah, would love to visit there again! ;)


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