Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Winter in Nami Island (南怡岛)

What I love most after returning from Korea was my fair and baby smooth facial skin. Yes, only facial skin as the rest of body was itching like crazy due to skin dryness, I even had dandruff snowing down from my scalp after coming back to Malaysia T_T

I would put the blame on the drastic change of weather which caused me dandruff and my poor self to be sick for almost half a month o.O Not easy adapting between -12 to -14 degrees and 30 to 34 degrees.

Throughout our 6D5N trip, I did shower like usual, day and night, and washed my hair once in every two days despite the freezing cold weather. Tap water is cleaner, air is fresher, food is healthier, coffee is nicer... Sounds like everything is better in Korea huh? LOL. Pardon me for saying the truth, but one thing I must confess is that most of the Koreans we met here are not as polite or friendly as what we've seen in the K-drama / movies. We have been deceived all these years!!!

Day 1 in Korea ❤

Nami Island Korea (南怡岛)
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