Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pandan Delight: Just Do What You Do

Pandan Delight: Browsing the Menu

After the visit to Zarraffa's Coffee, we drove around Toowoomba just to figure out which restaurant should we give it a go this time. Along the way, there were so many restaurants that we drove passed but still we ended up parking our car in front of Pandan Delight. We've been here uncountable times and the challenge for the night was, how to take different photos in the same restaurant that you frequently visit? And even worse, sitting at the same table again. Don't worry, just do what you do... posing!!!

Pandan Delight: Next to Fish Tank

Someone just pissed me off, making me to show him this face x(

Pandan Delight: Playing with Gold Fish

Apparently that someone was busy playing with a gold fish.

Pandan Delight: Two Gold Fishes

Fishie, fishie, come to mommy =P

Pandan Delight: Sambal Duck

The Sambal Duck dish.

Pandan Delight: Sizzling Ginger & Shallot Seafood

Sizzling Ginger and Shallot Seafood.

Pandan Delight: Just Me

I can barely eat much with that belt on me, or do you think it was a wise choice to control myself from eating too much? Damn, I'm putting on weight in winter again...

Address: 732 Ruthven St, South Toowoomba QLD 4350, Australia‎.
Contact: (07) 4635 4555‎


  1. Good idea...I'll wear a belt next time i want to be on a diet :P.

  2. that was the place we were sitting last time. :P

  3. emotionalistic:
    Haha! But still you'd feel hungry afterwords =P

    Really? We wanted to sit somewhere else but the rest of the tables were either booked or taken by others =/


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