Friday, March 27, 2015

山顶 The Peak Hong Kong

Hooray!!! We've finally came to the most anticipated day of the week again!

Happy FLYYYYYYYYYYDAY, peeps! It feels oh so awesome to eventually get to write up a blog post in the most peaceful and relaxing evening.

The main difference between our previous and most recent trip to The Peak 山顶 is that we took a double-decker bus instead of a tram this time. Different experience and more cost-saving of course! Mum and everyone were freaking out throughout the entire ride up the hill, so steep and windy we thought our bus might not survive one of the sharp corners. But we did survive somehow =p

The Peak (山顶) Hong Kong

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Aberdeen Harbour (香港仔) Hong Kong

Dear all who are still following and reading my blog, thanks very very much for your continual support. Thank you for sticking around with me despite the fact that I rarely update my blog as frequent anymore. For those newcomers, I'm offering you my biggest and warmest bear hug. Welcome to my life, literally =)

I seem to be having wanderlust again lately, to someplace cold and relaxing I wish. Hong Kong was chilly in the month of November but I wouldn't say it was a relaxing trip, considering the fair amount of walking involved to travel around this well-developed, fast paced country. We intended to visit "南丫島" Lamma Island at first, however, due to time constraints and lack of preparation, we chose to came to "香港仔" Aberdeen Harbour instead.

香港仔 Little Hong Kong
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