Monday, February 9, 2009

Super Duper Hot Day

Royal Asian Restaurant, Toowoomba

The weather is super duper hot today! It's freaking 37 degrees outside and I could feel the sun burning my skin as I walked out of the car just now. Seriously, I'm sweating like crazy although I'm just sitting here doing nothing but typing on my keyboard now.

Royal Asian Restaurant, Toowoomba

This afternoon, we popped into Royal Asian to have lunch before going for the movie "Transporter 3". Guess who I saw in the movie? T-Bag aka Theodore Bagwell (Robert Knepper) from the Prison Break. I gotta say that this man was born to act! And he's real good in acting bad roles!

Royal Asian Restaurant, Toowoomba

Royal Asian Restaurant, Toowoomba

Royal Asian Restaurant: Hai Nam Chicken Rice

My first Hai Nam Chicken Rice in Australia.

Royal Asian Restaurant: King Prawn Laksa Soup

King Prawn Laksa Soup (with coconut milk).

Valley Girl, Grand Central Toowoomba

The new arrivals in Valley Girl...

Valley Girl, Grand Central Toowoomba

I didn't really buy any of those jackets I tried on. The one above costs around $70, while this one here is only $20 cheaper, which still considered expensive. I'll be doing Masters in Computing in the coming semester. So basically, there's nothing more important than saving up for the course fees.


  1. the best things i got myself from melbourne were two pair of earrings! seeing ur backdrop of accessories shelf makes me want to go back to OZ to get earrings!

  2. wah...aussie also hot day also super hot day ler....

  3. Nice Pic, super duper hot but still can smile hehe.. nyum nyum king prawn laksa..look delicious (^^,)

  4. renaye:
    Oh, you like the earrings here? I prefer those selling in Korean or Taiwanese shops, but the selling price ain't cheap in Aussie.

    Yeah, but still I prefer summer rather than winter.

    LoL, nothing could stop one from smiling, if that person is really feeling happy.
    The King Prawn Laksa Soup ain't too bad actually, but the Hai Nam Chicken Rice tasted better.

  5. Awesome Chicken rice pics =)
    It looks like magazine front cover*

  6. Johnny:
    *looks around* Where? =P Haha!

    JeromeFo 令狐冲:
    Thanks for saying that =D


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