Friday, March 9, 2012

The Coffee Club: Just You and Me

Dinner at Coffee Club
It's been a while, probably weeks, since my BB and I dated each other. I never thought we would have the urge, time, and mood to do so until last night, we shared some quality 'boyfriend and girlfriend' moment together, just me and him over an exquisite dinner.

Dinner at Coffee Club
Real thick Iced Mocha for him.

Dinner at Coffee Club
Look at his cheeky smile when he got an ice-cold beverage! ;p

Dinner at Coffee Club
As usual, I ordered a Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon.

Dinner at Coffee Club
And I Inadvertently noticed that the food portion is getting smaller and smaller each time.

Dinner at Coffee Club
BLT, one of our favorite picks, and just so you know, they charge $1.40 extra for aioli sauce.

Dinner at Coffee Club
Our little sweet date was then ended with a late night shopping at the Grand Central.

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