Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bangkok Trip: Chatuchak Weekend Market and Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Our first day in Bangkok was free and easy. We wanted it that way actually, so it wouldn't end up like our Hong Kong and Shen Zhen trip back in 2011, overly packed schedule that involved lots and lots of walking. I enjoy a leisure trip better, personally.

Upon arrival, we faced the dilemma to choose between train, tuk-tuk and taxi. Communication was really an issue in Bangkok. The people there don't speak foreign languages or dialects as good as those in Hatyai and Betong. After going through some discussion that required body language, LOL, we came to the conclusion that taxi is the fastest and most convenient way to deliver our exhausted bodies and baggage to where we stayed.  

Bangkok Trip: Chatuchak Weekend Market

Friday, October 25, 2013

Bangkok Trip: Train from Butterworth

Spending 23 hours in a train from Butterworth to Bangkok may be one of the wildest and craziest things I ever imagined myself doing, and I did it!!! Yay to my virgin cross-country train voyage! Would this considered backpacking without traveling with an actual backpack? Hahaha, forgive my silliness.

I went without preparing anything to keep my tummy and mind entertained. Glad that my sis brought grapes, breads and some other tidbits and my brother-in-law brought Steve Jobs, the book. LOL. Oh well, I'm easy. As long as there's a socket for me to charge my phone, I'll be more than happy. Even happier if there's internet access on my handheld device. I was born a social media addict!!!

Bangkok Trip by Train

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friend's Wedding + Visiting "Old" Friend Trip

6D5N KL Trip
Hellooooo, Penang! I missed ya, HEAPS!!! Some of you might have mistaken that I already flew back to Sydney but truth is, I'm still here peeps! My 6D5N visiting KL plus attending friend's wedding trip was indeed very rewarding, both mentally and emotionally. As a matter of fact, I was in desparate need of one like this.
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