Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Toowoomba City

The Strand Cinema

The Strand is the cinema where we watched "10, 000 BC" about 3 weeks ago. When I told my sis that we watched our very first movie (after being here for 9 months) in one of the "old" cinemas located in the city, she was so eager to find out how does the building actually look like. So today, I intentionally brought the camera along to snap some nice photos for her.

Asian Cuisine

This is one of the Asian restaurants in Margaret Street, Royal Asian. We decided to have our lunch here before going for a haircut. In my opinion, the overall interior design is not too bad, clean and tidy environment... but the moment we entered the restaurant, the lady chef who was sitting there eating "Hokkien Mee" never really greet us, not even a smile.

Unagi Rice

The male waiter who served us was very soft-spoken, he speaks even softer than I do! Forget about him... According to my boi, the Unagi was pretty tasty, except the ordinary steamed rice. Still, Japanese steamed rice (Setsuko Yoshizuka) is the best.

Malay Lunch Special

It's another BYO (bring your own) restaurant, which means you'll get to bring your own drinks instead of buying from them. One thing good about BYO is, you may avoid paying for those expensive bottle or can drinks.

Teriyaki Chicken

As for my Teriyaki Chicken Rice, the Teriyaki Chicken is not Teriyaki at all! Oops, I mean not tasty at all. The meat is tough, and very hard to chew compare to those we had in Sakae Sushi.

Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

I had a haircut today at Just Cuts in Grand Central, the hair salon offers very reasonable price as well as good services. I couldn't complain much about my new haircut although this is not the hairstyle I wanted in the first place. Overall it's still satisfying and the hairstylists there happen to love my long and straight hair very much...

iCut My Hair

Take a peep on my new haircut! It's 6-7 inches shorter than before. I can feel that my hair is so much lighter now. Previously, my hair was around butt length! Haha, I never trim or cut my hair ever since I left Malaysia. Also, I've bought some "nutritious food" to feed my hair, Body Energizing Shampoo and Replenish Moisturizing Conditioner.


  1. The Malaysian Food is so expensive? $8.50? But luckily got pork there... hehe...

  2. Akira 思胜:

    LoL, AUD 8.50 x 3 = almost RM 26! It's consider "cheap" here compare to other big cities...

    Btw, the pork here taste slightly different from those we have in Malaysia, including the chicken as well.

  3. you cut your hair?? still very very long~~~~~~~~~~~i tot it will become something like short hair since you wrote 'cut 6-7 inches'.. hehe...still nice fer the new hair style...

    the unagi rice look delicious le~

  4. nice HAIR!
    cute food!
    pretty FLOWER with scart PRICE!
    the decoration in Asian restaurants... near the table one.. so big..!! usually i see small small one.

  5. choyyin forever:

    Thanks, my hair was previously until butt length, so it's still considered very long after I cut it =D


    Thanks, but cute food?! LoL... and yup, I noticed that big red "幸福结" too!

  6. I see...
    then Malaysia food is still the best! hehe...

  7. somewhere in singapore:

    Sure, I wouldn't mind at all, thanks!

    akira 思胜:

    Yup, but the Malaysian food here taste differently.


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