Monday, November 8, 2010

Good Memories: Zarraffa's Coffee

Zarraffa's Coffee: Hot Coffees

That day, after a little shopping at the Clifford Gardens, we continued our mission to guide our new friend around town and also to try out anything as local as possible, including Zarraffa's coffees, Donut King's donuts and more. Simply irresistible!

Zarraffa's Coffee: Hot Cappucino

I've got myself a Caramelised Cappuccino instead of Heavenly Hazelnut Mocha this time.

Zarraffa's Coffee: Mini Donuts

Donut King's mini donuts.

Zarraffa's Coffee: Eating Donut

Not quite like the cinnamon taste though.

Zarraffa's Coffee: Donut King's Donut

Very sweet the donuts, I never like things that are too sweet.

Zarraffa's Coffee: Girls Groupie 2

But I do like these two sweetie pies here.

Zarraffa's Coffee: Girls Groupie 1

Shall we plan for a small gathering for this coming weekend?

Zarraffa's Coffee: My Boi

Guess what my boi had? White Chocolate Mocha. It was already long gone before I snap this.

Zarraffa's Coffee: Darrell Lea's Liquor Chocolates

Some Darrell Lea's liquor chocolates to soothe our throats. There were like two for each flavor.

Zarraffa's Coffee: Cynthia and Jefry

The honey bee will be leaving his pretty little flower in the next early morning, sad...

Address: Shop 9 Clifford Square, Corner of Anzac Avenue & James St, QLD 4350, Australia.
Contact: (07) 4634 2371


  1. Very neat....donuts in a cup. I like :).

  2. mmmm! as soon as you showed a picture of donuts i just couldn't take my eyes of them

  3. As usual send my regards to the beautiful gal hahahahhaah

    I want to donuts Yummy yummy heheheheh

    When are you going to do singing and post it here...

    fast fast liao .. I want to see

  4. emotionalistic:
    So you're a donut lover too? =)

    I guess you really do like donuts very much.

    LoL~ is that what you'd always do when you saw pretty girls?

    Hmm, I don't know... I don't think I'll ever have the courage to post it on my blog =D


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