Friday, September 7, 2012

Park House Cafe Restaurant Toowoomba

Dinner at Park House Cafe Toowoomba
I had a rough morning yesterday, food poisoning, again!!! I felt nauseous not long after I started working, abdominal cramping, then diarrhea... I hated it every time it happened ='( Fortunately it wasn't that critical until I have to be rushed to the hospital or something (thank goodness!!!), so I just stayed back and finished whatever I was supposed to do that day.

Around afternoon, I took a cat nap with world war 3 going on in my stomach still, woke up feeling way much better afterwards and decided to join this dinner outing with our friend at the Park House Cafe.

As we walked into the restaurant, our noses picked up a very strong fertilizer (or was it body sweats) smell. Most of the "ideal spots" were either taken or reserved by others, we sat down to a corner table, waited a while before Frank actually showed up with a bouquet of flowers.

Dinner at Park House Cafe Toowoomba
Hmm, what shall we have for dinner tonight ?_?

Dinner at Park House Cafe Toowoomba
Hot Chocolate with two marshmallows - $4.80.

Dinner at Park House Cafe Toowoomba
House Platter with salt and pepper calamari, chicken strips, grilled chorizo, prawns, grilled haloumi, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, toasted Turkish bread and assorted dips - $25. Such a beautiful entree with a little bit of everything.

Dinner at Park House Cafe Toowoomba
Atlantic Salmon with honey mustard glaze, roast sweet potato, broad beans, broccolini, crushed walnuts and watercress - $36. Lovely pan-grilled salmon but the overpowering sweetness of honey mustard sauce and roasted sweet potato just didn't collocate well. 

Dinner at Park House Cafe Toowoomba
Frank ordered the same salmon dish.

Dinner at Park House Cafe Toowoomba
Seared Chicken Tenders with roast pumpkin, watercress, speck & crispy potato salad and creamy brie sauce - $22.50. The creamy brie sauce was overly creamy and buttery (too filling for a light meal for sure), overwhelming the otherwise nicely roasted pumpkin and salad.

Dinner at Park House Cafe Toowoomba
Mr. Choo, you may start digging in now =p

Dinner at Park House Cafe Toowoomba
Sweet surprise from Frank. Thank you, my friend! =)

Dinner at Park House Cafe Toowoomba
The garden patio decorated with pots of flowers, perfectly positioned overlooking Queens Park. I wouldn't mind coming here again (although the service was a bit slow) for a cuppa in the morning or afternoon when the sun is out.

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  1. I just started reading your blog, and I must say that I'm enjoying it a lot. :)

    Stay safe always.
    God Bless and More power to you!

  2. I love Park House! We go for breakfast probably every week! Never been for dinner though. I recommend next time you go to try the special hot chocolates - they are so amazing!

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

    1. Hi Emilie, thanks for letting me know about the special hot chocolates! We'd return for some breakfast meals next time on the weekend ^^v


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