Thursday, May 31, 2007

Infernal Affairs in Malay

ROFLOL, I can't helping laughing after watching this video clip on Justin's blog. Anyway, just wanna share the funny clip about Streamyx with you, “一日一笑,抛开烦恼”。

Disclaimer: All the music / videos above are solely for sharing and promotional purpose. Please support original!

My USQ Offer Letter

After almost 3 months of impatient waiting, I finally get the offer letter of transferring to on-campus study at University of Southern Queensland (USQ) instead of distance-learning in Penang. I shall now starting to apply for study loan, then VISA, then passport, then flight tickets, and more and more... Aww, I'm gonna miss the cinemas as well as the cheap movie tickets I get in Malaysia T_T

I'm feeling kind of excited and nervous, too many things need to be done. Final exam is just around the corner *swt* but I'm totally unprepared >.<" I went for Shrek the 3rd in this late afternoon. The movie was great and funny too. I believe everyone in the cinema did enjoy the climax of the movie with laughter as it is the best medicine for our human body.

My boi and I were planning to go for class right after dinner, but things seem to be a bit unexpected. Our lecturer is on MC today *yawn* without noticing us by any chance. How great was that?! It's a good thing though, now I get to relax myself by typing on my keyboard ^^v

Shrek The 3rd

When the grumpy green ogre married Princess Fiona, the last thing he wanted was to become the king of Far Far Away. But when King Harold suddenly croaks, that is exactly what poor Shrek finds himself facing. Hilarious antics ensue when Shrek, accompanied by his sidekicks Donkey and Puss in Boots go on a desperate mission to pass on the responsibility to Fiona's cousin - the mischievous Medieval high school slacker Artie

(Source: United International Pictures (Sdn)

Ho, ho, ho... I'm going for Shrek the 3rd !!!~ Hehe, I can't wait to watch that funny little Donkey and the innocent Puss in Boots who's totally not innocent at all =P Aww, he is just too cute >.<" Alrighty, I gotta prepare myself now, those who's going to Gurney Plaza and feel like having meal in KimGary today, just sms or give me a call so that we could meet up to pass the vouchers to you!~ Have a nice day everybody =D Will share more info with you tonight...

Warning: DO NOT prank call me for nothing, else you gonna get your @SS kicked. LoL, just declare your identity is enough =x

Giving Away KimGary Discount Vouchers


The owner of KimGary Gurney Plaza should consider training the staffs to speak better Cantonese in a proper way instead of mumbling like chanting scripture. Today, the casher made a big mistake by counting the wrong bill for us. Somehow, a girl chased up and returned us the extra payment we've paid after they rechecked everything.


The Nissin noodle is better than O-Town's, not so salty at least =x


When I was placing an order, one of the waitresses dropped the dining tools and spit some "Yin Yeung" on my feet and my sandals when she was cleaning up the table. They didn't even concern about my condition or get me a tissue but just threw me a simple "sorry".


As for the Iced Lemon Tea, still I prefer O-Town's Iced Honey Lemon Tea =D


Both my boi and my sis love the Cheese Baked Curry so much, I wonder why >.<" but one thing for sure, it's better than Hongkies which we had yesterday.


It's a good remedy for flu.


My boi looked so tired ~.~


This fella really likes wearing green Ts a lot!~


KP and my boi each bought a 120 GB removable HDD.


3 of us bought the same keyboards at PC Depot in E-Gate.

This is the Bak Kut Teh in Macalister Road, the one which is in front of the former Agora Hotel. Still remember the college time, when we used to have RM2.50 chicken rice there during our lunch breaks. At night time, the coffee shop turns into a famous Bak Kut Teh selling place. You'll know what I mean when you really get to see the actual size of the claypot with lotsa, lotsa ingredients like mushroom, meatballs, piggy tripe, piggy liver, chicken feet, fat pork and more that almost overflow.

By the way, I'm giving away three 20% discount vouchers for Hong Kong KimGary Restaurant but the due date is tomorrow. If any of you are interested in getting the free vouchers from me, please kindly drop me a line. Preferably penangites who's convenient enough to get the vouchers from me in Glugor area or town area in the late afternoon. Thanks ^^v

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hongkie Kopitiam @ E-Gate

*sob sob* I didn't really celebrate my boi's birthday with him today cause he's way too lazy to drive all the way from Queensbay Mall to town area right after our lunch in Old Town. There, I happened to meet 2 of my secondary schoolmates before we head to the counter to settle our bills. Hehe, kinda forgotten one of my x-schoolmate's name >.<" It's really embarrassing when you try to say hi to someone that you only remember his or her face but not remembering the name =x

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Boi Boi

Boi boi, I know you're very tired and definitely sleeping like a piggy rite now.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Malaysian are loser?!!!


Have anyone of you ever experienced such stupid ads in your "Ads by Google" column? Recently Adsense kinda display certain ads which are totally NOT related to my blog contents at all. Even if they wish to but at least filter such offensive ads with the title "Malaysian are loser" being displayed on a Malaysian's blog ! Grrr...

Oopsie, forgotten that I got something more important to do *bites my itchy hands* My assignment *swt* Dee y'all around! Gambateh Christina ^^v


To all my dearest friends and readers,

I'm officially on hiatus for 2 days, which is today and tomorrow due to my uni assignment. So during these 2 painful days, you won't be seeing any post updates from me but still I'll check out my blog whenever I'm free. I can't help viewing it whenever I open up my browser =x I'm out of control! My hands are itchy, brain is itchy, heart is itchy... the itchyness really could kill me and make me suffer from insufficient sleep.

Did you ever realize that once you start blogging, you'll actually addicted to it? Maybe it's just me *swt* "Ketagihan Dadah Blogging" and "Dadah Blogging Merbahaya". Hey, I'm not asking you to stop blogging, alright? Just trying to be stupid fool around as assignment is stressful !!!~ May God bless my boi and I, our assignments and every single one of you. *huggiez* Gambateh!~

****** Happy Saturday Night ******



Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dragon-i 笼的传人 @ Queensbay Mall


I was trying to photoshop away my dark circles but I really have no clue how to make it disappear =x


Now even more obvious in close distance. What's the root cause of my panda eyes? Blogging!~


I'm not a good poser in front of the camera, so don't blame me for being so stiff in front of the camera.


We went there earlier to make reservation, else u gonna end up sitting there and waiting in a long queue.


The chiefs who were busy cooking inside the open kitchen, lots of people surrounding them just to see their 蒸功夫 (真功夫) 。




Taste it to Love it


Even the top of the chopsticks are printed with their trademark (龙的传人的标签) 。


I wonder what are those egg look-alike thingy?


Groundnuts are being served as titbits (小食) while waiting for the waiter to take your order. You'd be charged RM2.00 per plate, definately NOT free.


The soft and smooth ramen is the most attractive point in this bowl with a great combination of hot and sour soup which looks like 卤面)。


上海小笼包 is also one of their signature dishes 招牌菜,手工太棒了!


炸酱拉面 has a very strong aroma 香味腾腾 and tastes a bit salty.


四川拉面 appears to be more oily then any other ramen dishes but the red color chilli oil makes it look more attractive.


The chicken meat, mushrooms and Chinese sausages are so soft and 非常入味。白米饭是使用上等的香米来煮成的,再加上香喷喷的甜汁更成为了一道美味的佳肴 。










Friday, May 25, 2007

Penang Blogger's BBQ Party

Attention to all the Penang bloggers / readers,

Dragon Head is currently planning a BBQ beach party for all Penang Bloggers. Since the bloggers meeting held during this year's Chinese New Year doesn't seem to have much activities, here came a macho man who identifies himself as Dragon Head come to the rescue and plan a BBQ!


Organizer : Dragon Head
Date : 1st June 2007
Time : At Night (Not sure about the time)
Venue : Miami Beach (In Batu Ferringhi)
Things to bring : Clothes (They might throw you into the salt water)

To be exact, the BBQ beach party NOT only limited for Penang bloggers, you're even allowed to invite your friends / buddies to come along with you. If you're "hardcore" enough to travel from other state / country all the way to Penang Island, you're even welcomed to join. BUT do remember, nobody's paying your flight tickets / hotel / expenses and etc =x According to Chee Hsien, as long as you're as funky as a monkey, then you're welcome to join. I'm just helping the organizer to promote this event, you can approach Dragon Head directly for further details or enquiry. I'm sure he would be willing to clear your doubts.

For those who are interested to take part, please kindly leave a comment together with your name, blog URL and also suggestion on where you want it to be held, the beach or the park? If the attendees happen to be less than 10 person, then the event will be cancelled. One thing for sure, there's no age limits! So make the event happen by spreading this event around now!

Attendance :

1. Dragon Head
2. Chee Hsien
3. Lasker
4. Elise

Hehe, I'm still considering and will discuss with my boi tomorrow =D

At the End of the World, the Adventure Begins


As written in my previous post, I've already bought this movie tickets at 2 days ago cause I was affraid that it might turn out to be like the showing of Spiderman 3. But from what I can see, Pirates of the Caribbean ain't as "hot" as Spiderman 3, huh? What do u think? IMHO, I think that we can't actually compare both of the movies as they are totally different? Most important thing is that I did enjoy watching them.

After I watched the ending of this movie, there's something appeared on my mind. I asked myself, "Can I accept the truth of seeing my love one only once in every 10 years?" It would be impossible to me, it sounds sweet and romantic but how many girls or guys in this realistic world willing to do that? I told my boi that I'm gonna dig my heart out and keep safely in Davy Jones' Locker together with my boi's heart, LoL! Read more on the official website...

The DRAGON-i (笼的传人) Restraurant is officially opened in 2nd floor of Queenbay Mall today. They are specializing in flavors from the regions of China such as Canton, Szechuan and Shanghai especially their "La Mian (拉面) " and "Xiao Long Bao (小笼包) ". My boi and I wanted to have a try on their dishes so desparately but the restaurant wasn't available for us since they were having some kind of internal events among the staffs.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

'' ~ * Tomatoes * ~''

Early in this evening, my sis came back around 5 something as she promised to prepare us a home-cook dinner. My boi wasn't here at that time cause he's kinda busy helping out his daddy. After we enjoyed the lovely dinner, I followed my sis out to visit Nick's mom in Island Hospital who just had her throat operation.

Both of his parents have been kind and friendly to us, all the while ever since we first met. Still remember the time when I used to travel to B.M every week just to get hand and foot massages from a well-known therapist there. Each and every time we get there, his daddy will invite us to join them breakfast or dinner right before we head back to Penang. Hope she'll get well soon ^^v

After the visit, we end up shopping in Queensbay Mall. I manage to get myself 2 tickets with student price for "Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End" showing on 24th of May, while my sis and Nick were shopping for cooking ingredients in Jusco. I've bought this very sweet, cherry tomatoes, it's oval shaped with a pointed blossom end in a beautiful reddish-pink color. Yummy =D~ it would be the most suitable "snack" for those who feel like chewing or bitting things whenever they feel like, including myself. The beneficial tomatoes are not fattening at all, they are even good for digestion and cosmetology downsizing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ming Ming

Ming Ming
Zhou Xun as Ming Ming

Ming Ming
Zhou Xun as Nana

Ming Ming is a very stylized movie, but that's not to say it has more style than substance. Unattainable love and infatuation play central themes in Ming Ming's world, one which contains fantasy martial arts elements, set in today's contemporary era. The titular character played by Zhou Xun cuts a willowy figure, dressed in black with her long dark tresses. One night she casts her eye on D (Daniel Wu), a street fighter whom she falls in love and spends a night with.

D, on the other hand, is an elusive lover. With secrets of the past which he seeks to unlock, he's never committed, giving out a promise to whoever can fetch him 5 million dollars, and with whom he'll travel to Harbin with. This sets in motion an entire chain of events, starting with Ming Ming stealing the money and a secret box from Brother Cat (the singer Jeff Chang, who has long been away from the public eye).

On the other hand, Ming Ming's friend Ah Tu (Tony Yang) is also infatuated with her, and chances upon Nana (Zhou Xun in her second role), with whom he brings along in their escape from Brother Cat's thugs, and whom too is also in love with D. Confused? Don't be, as Nana is distinctively different from Ming Ming, from hair and outfit (loud and garish) to mannerisms, not forgetting the languages used.

In fact, the movie can be renamed Nana, as this character had more screen time than Ming Ming, as we explore the unrequited love by so many characters in the movie. Love and its different incantations are put up on display, even parental ones, as the plot slowly unravels to its surprise ending. There are some zen like dialogue and moments in the movie, such as being able to be with a person even for a moment, is better than not being able to at all. And this is especially true for Ah Tu, even though he's with someone who resembles, and not with the actual person. I thought Nana and Ah Tu had the strongest storyline and the best character development, naturally so because of the screen time devoted to them.

Accompanying the superb story are both the music and action. The soundtrack is an eclectic mix and fusion of various influences, from electronica to jazz, and the theme used for chases is particularly catchy. Given that it adopted a fantasy martial arts style, most of the fights, especially Ming Ming's, were given distinct looks. Ming Ming's especially, is one adopted from flicking explosive projectiles at her enemies, while D's style is quick, brutal, and very short ranged. Plot elements from such fantasy movies, like mini quests, and the seeking of treasure, are staples too in the movie.

The filming style used is also a mixed bag, with repetitions, quick cuts and flashbacks the norm. It might require a little time to get used to, typically those used in fights. By the time you get through one or two action sequences, you'll be clamouring for more. Savour those moments, as they actually come few and far between. There are many "poser" moments as well, which gives the movie a certain "sexy" look as characters preen and pose when they deliver their dialogues.

Ming Ming

The key languages being used are Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese, I was wondering what language were they using during the conversation between Daniel Wu(吴彦祖) and Kristy Yeung (杨恭如). The result of research has given me a satisfying answer, now I know both of them are Shanghainese besides the fact that Daniel Wu is actually an ABC (American born Chinese). Apart from that, Zhou Xun(周迅) and Tony Yang sounded way too funny in their Cantonese diction. I Can't help laughing when hearing Tony Yang speaks but at least his mandarin is a bit better than Cantonese.

Check out the trailer here, and pay extra attention on the scene where she attacks using her hands, which is more powerful than any other weapons. That is tremendously ridiculous !!! I was like, what on earth... am I watching Matrix right now?!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Chobits (ちょびっツ, Chobittsu?) is a Japanese manga and anime series created by CLAMP. Unlike most CLAMP stories, Chobits is a seinen series, specifically of the magical girlfriend variety. The manga is set in the same universe as Angelic Layer and takes place a few years after Angelic Layer.

Story Intro:
Hideki's just like every other guy in the 22nd century. He just wants a good job, a good car, and a sexy robot girlfriend to call his own. Until he lands a job, he'll never be able to afford his own 'Persocom' companion. Hideki's luck changes when he discovers Chii, an adorable but dyfunctional personcom (robot), tied up in a pile of trash. His first robot companion turns out to be a lot more responsibility than he expected, and she gets him into quite a few embarrassing situations. It's 'boy-meets-girl' for the cyber age.

Oh yeah, this is my first post about anime *grinz* Recently, I'm addicted to this Japanese anime named Chobits, the anime creator has successfully entertained us with funny scenes especially the facial expressions of the main character called Hidaki and the storyline is filled with all kindof sense of humors. Other than that, the characters created are all so kawaii (cute) and beautiful.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hu Pio Mee

Last Wednesday, we went to a coffee shop near Farlim Pasar Malam after the yogarobic class. It was my first time seeing and tasting "Hu Pio Mee", have you ever tried it before? I ordered it purely due to my curiosity and I didn't really expect the noodle to look in this way. What do we call this in English? Hehe, sorry cause I have no idea at all. Do you know what's the result I get from the translator of It shows, "The Fish Floats". *bang my head on the wall*

Hehe, my boi looks like auntie now =x

Muackz, my cutie boi with his new haircut and new hair color, he insisted to dye it even though I don't allow him to do so.

I waited him so long in the hair salon just to get his hair done *sob sob* I wonder how my boi get the patience to wait for me when I was straightening my long hair which usually took up to 5-6 hours. Hehe, maybe guys have more patient than girls do. I've straightened my hair 3 times within these 4 years in Penang. I already stopped doing it about one year ago for the sake of my hair, don't wanna spoil my precious hair no more =x

Okie dokie, I feel so tired after swimming just now, kinda lazy to think of something to write about. I'm feeling sleepy too *yawn* By the way, sorry about the terrible image quality, they were taken using my Motorola L7. Nitez *huggiez*

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blades of Glory

Two rival skating champions, Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy McElroy, have a long-standing feud as they try to outperform the other to come out tops in the skating arena. When their rivalry produced an ugly brawl at the World Championships, where they set fire to the mascot, both Chazz and Jimmy are called to face the sport’s governing board. They are stripped of their gold medals and banned from the sport for life. Three years later, while both are at the pit of their lives and career, they find a loophole that will allow them to re-enter their favourite competition once again – as the first ever male skating pair to compete in the history of the sport. Read more on the official website and also remember to check out the funny trailer.

(Source: United International Pictures (Sdn)

This would be the funniest movie that I ever watched in this year, I can't helping laughing when seeing these guys ice-skating in their very "unique" ways. The most impressive part is when they performing the Korean Iron Lotus skill... haha, you guys should really watch it else u gonna miss a great chance to release your tension and the joy and laughter this movie might bring to you =D Have u ever seen 2 guys ice-skating with Armageddon's OST, Don't Wanna Miss A Thing ? Well, go enjoy the @$$ kicking moves performed by them now!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Perhentian (Part III)

These are the photos taken during the last day of our trip to Perhentian and Redang Islands. On our way going back to my hometown, we stopped in Terengganu to have our lunch in one of the Malay restaurants which serves bad food and drinks, their services are even slower. Other than that, we also managed to buy some local fruits and products like "Keropok Lekor". Unfortunately, we saw one of the stalls which was selling turtle eggs in the market, aren't they prohibited from selling those protected turtle eggs?

Before we reach our hometown, we happened to drop by Banding to capture some photos. Banding Island is a good place for fishing, the water level has raised until so high as you can see in the photos.

Perhentian (Part II)

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