Friday, July 31, 2015

Exploring Macau: Ou Mun Cafe and A-Ma Temple

Another month passed by, another post I write... Hey, wait a minute, it's been way beyond one month! Folks (sounding like my director *clear throat*), I promise to try my very best to come up with at least one post every fortnight as a commitment to myself, if time and my brain permit of course. Fingers crossed.

There were big and small trips in between since my visit to Macau and Hong Kong until now. I hope to conclude this one very soon so I may start writing about my next family trip to Sekinchan.

Out of the two mornings spent in Macau, Ou Mun Cafe (澳门咖啡) with a taste of portugal was the first we visited for breakfast. Click here for its Google Maps coordinates.

澳门咖啡 (Ou Mun Cafe): A Taste of Portugal
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