Monday, December 24, 2012

Friend's Visit: Toowoomba Day Tour

Preston Peak Winery
As mentioned, our friend, William came to visit us last weekend. He stayed for 3 days. And throughout that very 3 days, we've made plans for him, from food and drinks to exploring and touring the Garden City - Toowoomba.

I had to work on Friday and Saturday, hence, could only managed to carve out most of my Sunday, which was also his last day here for a mini day tour.

Itinerary of Day 3:
  • Home cooked Wat Tan Yee Mee for breakfast.
  • Morning walk and photo-shooting in Japanese Garden.
  • Sight-seeing and wine-tasting at Preston Peak Cellar Door & Cafe.
  • Stonegrill lunch at Cube Hotel. 
  • Home cooked Tomyum Noodle for early dinner.
  • Bid goodbye at Greyhound Coach Terminal.

Preston Peak Winery
At Preston Peak Cellar Door and Cafe.

Preston Peak Winery
Two fellas doing wine-tasting...

Preston Peak Winery
While me resting myself at somewhere cooling.

Preston Peak Winery
Best buy of the day.

Preston Peak Winery
Golden Gleam, Mr. Choo's favorite =)

Stone Grill Lunch at the Cube Hotel
Stonegrill lunch at Cube Hotel after visiting Preston Peak. What better than icy cold drinks on a devilish hot afternoon? Two lemon lime bitters and a pineapple juice please!

Stone Grill Lunch at the Cube Hotel
I ordered Atlantic Salmon on the Stone this time (only a dollar extra than the Barramundi) and it tasted absolutely divine!!! The chips, on the other hand, were a bit too salty for us.

Stone Grill Lunch at the Cube Hotel
Cooked to my liking with a pinch of salt and lemon slices, no more no less.

Stone Grill Lunch at the Cube Hotel
William enjoying his first stonegrill experience.

Stone Grill Lunch at the Cube Hotel
Black Angus Rump on Stone.

Stone Grill Lunch at the Cube Hotel
He likes his medium well done.

Japanese Garden Toowoomba
P.S. Happy Christmas Eve!!!

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