Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dinner at West Lake Chinese Restaurant

West Lake Chinese Restaurant

Last month, on one of the fine nights, we decided to try out the Chinese cuisine here at the West Lake or West River (a bit confusing with the title as it's written differently on the dine-in menu).

West Lake Chinese Restaurant

The restaurant is located right at the opposite of Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre. Where? I'm saying the one in Toowoomba's James Street!

West Lake Chinese Restaurant

While waiting for our dishes to be served, a middle-age woman (whom I believe is the owner of this restaurant) came in and talked to us. She asked if we're local, studying or working, blah blah blah... The main point is, there was one question she prompted us about our studies, and I told her that we're doing our masters now. Then she positively responded (like she was so sure) that everyone is here to study masters. I remained silent after I heard that sentence, I mean... not everyone is here for masters, obviously. There's nothing serious here anyway. Shall we proceed to the food we ordered?

West Lake Chinese Restaurant

Fried Calamari Rings, my all time favorite!
But they were just too thin and little, don't you think?

West Lake Chinese Restaurant

West Lake Duck aka Sweet & Sour Duck.
The dish was a bit soggy, it'd be better to have thicker and lesser sweet & sour sauce on top.

West Lake Chinese Restaurant

Seafood Combination, it reminds me of one of those I had in Ocean Breeze (another Chinese restaurant in town), despite the fact that this one here was actually far worse. To be honest, I don't think we would be returning for their not-so-delicious yet overpriced meals in the future.

Address: 127-129 Anzac Ave, Newtown QLD 4350, Australia‎.
Contact: (07) 4634 7188‎


  1. how come only 8 calamari rings? this is not enuf for calamari's lover especially me and u.. haha

  2. ::yvonne::
    True, but believe it or not, that's how small the portion is =x not enough...

  3. So is the owner Chinese as well? And probably she did her Masters there too :P.

  4. emotionalistic:
    I'm not sure, Hongkies maybe @_@"

  5. We had the unfortunate experience of eating there this week, Feb 2014. The food was terrible and we wished we had stayed at home. The best thing we had was the lemon/lime & bitters drinks that the young waitress mixed! My steamed dimsims were falling apart, my husband's soup was very thick and taste less. He asked for soy sauce to be bought to the table, but this did not arrive. My Lemon Chicken was a peculiar texture and I am not entirely sure that it was chicken and the satay beef was a grey mess. I expect satay to be peanut sauce based but this was a grey curry based sauce with huge pieces of meat that were far too big to be picked up and eaten nicely with chopsticks. Expensive and terrible, we will never eat there again.


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