Monday, May 3, 2010

ANZAC Day: Lunch at Thai Cottage

Thai Cottage Toowoomba

On the same day we visited the Mount Kynoch Park, we also came to this Thai Cottage Restaurant to have lunch. It was ANZAC day that day, and we didn't really expect any of the restaurants to be opened for business.

Thai Cottage Toowoomba: Tomyum Soup

Like always, we ordered Tom Yum Soup. The chef mistakenly made us a Tom Kha and I rejected the dish, cause I never like it with coconut milk.

Thai Cottage Toowoomba: Garlic and Pepper Pork

Meat-wise, I'm a bit "picky" as I only eat pork with no pork smell. But this Garlic and Pepper Pork dish was really well cooked with lovely smell and taste!

Thai Cottage Toowoomba: Tamarind Barrumindi

Tamarind Barramundi ♥ Still my favorite after having it for several times.

Thai Cottage Toowoomba

I'm always the first one to finish my meal before others =P

Thai Cottage Toowoomba

Yay! My boi has finally finished his meal too and we were good to go!

Address: 2/160 Margaret Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350, Australia.
Contact: (07) 4659 8408


  1. Fast Eating - mean not really taste the food. just telan sahaja.

    for slow eating people, they enjoy their life.

    sorry ar... i am fast eating people as well.

  2. WOW The Tomyam loooooookkks really good!!!!

    Impressive! AUstralia can have something nice like that is truly unbelievable.

    Bring there next time :)

  3. CH Voon:
    I do chew my food but not as many times as others maybe, plus, I don't eat as much as my boi =P

    But sometimes, when I'm very starved, I can finish my meal (Fillet-O-Fish for example) within just a few minutes ;)

    They all taste almost the same, Malaysia's Tomyum are way better than what we got here!


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