Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home-Cooking: Seafood Dinner (Fish, Crab, Oyster)

Home-Cooking: Seafood Dinner

Regardless of the fact that I'm down with flu, cough and sore-throat. But still I'm capable of preparing an all-seafood dinner together with my boi. We spent less than AU $50 on the ingredients, including the seafood, herbs and sauces.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Carnival of Flowers 2009: Lunch Invitation After Floral Parade

Carnival of Flowers 2009: Lunch Invitation

As soon as the Grand Central Floral Parade ended, majority of the crowd (including us) was swiftly moving towards Queens Park. We met up with the rest of them and agreed to have lunch together over the chef's place. So here we are, standing in front of his beautiful house.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gold Coast Trip Day 3: Top One Chinese Seafood Restaurant (Yum Jo Cha)

Australian Fair: Top One Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Although, it's quite windy and cold (approximately 15-19 degrees) today, but the weather is just a lot better than the previous few days. Most importantly, the dust storm is not as serious as yesterday. I'm in a very good mood today, and so, I decided to take everyone of you to "Yum Jo Cha" (have morning tea) at this Top One (第一楼) Chinese Seafood Restaurant located at Australian Fair, Gold Coast.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The X-Factor 2009 (Season 6): Best Performers and Videos

The X-Factor 2009 (season 6) is back, in search of the most talented singers for categories like male soloists aged 14-24, female soloists 14-24 years, over 25s and groups. I personally think these are the twelve BEST videos of the auditions so far. These contestants not only wowed the crowd, they have also successfully blown the judges away with their stunning performances. Some of them even touched me and made me cry. And because of this UK talent show, I started to fall for the songs by Kings of Leon, the American rock band. Watch them and tell me which of them is / are your favorite!

Danyl Johnson - Auditions 1 ♥♥♥ My Favorite ♥♥♥

27-year-old teacher Danyl has a passion for singing and manages to completely own the stage in an incredible first audition!

Just between YOU and ME

Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise

I know that you've been very supportive of me and my blog (I'm just guessing, hugs and kisses to you if you are). I don't usually write much or make jokes in my blog post as I'm not a good joker. And trust me, I really tried to be one but I failed eventually. I was born to have no sense of humour at all. In today's post, I require some "interaction" just between YOU and ME. I always "broadcast" whatever I like posting and whenever I feel like doing it. But now, I'm needing a HUGE favor from all my blog readers, I want to listen to you too!!! Let's begin with the five EASY questions below. And of course, you're freed to voice out whatever's on your mind, good or bad...

1. Do you actually read the contents of my blog?
a. Only 20%
b. Roughly 50%
c. 80% Maybe
d. I read every single word you wrote (I really hope there is at least someone)

2. How often do you visit my blog?
a. Almost everyday
b. 1-2 times a week
c. Whenever I got updates
d. Others (like I only visit your blog when you visit mine :P)

3. What attracts you to my blog?
a. Just the photos
b. My sweet smiling face
c. My personal life
d. Others

4. What do you wish to see more in my post?
a. My life in Australia
b. Places which I've traveled to
c. The photos I take
d. Others (like me making fun of myself or etc)

5. What you DO NOT wish to see in my post?
a. My silly face
b. Me acting cute
c. Things not related to my life
d. Others

P.S. I'm giving away two FREE Dreamworld and White Water World tickets (valid until 29th of September, 2009) for those who are staying in Toowoomba or somewhere near. Just email me at yeayii@gmail.com

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gold Coast Trip Day 2: King Crab and Conrad Jupiters Casino

Shark's Fin & Chinese Seafood Restaurant: 3.6 kg King Crab

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a 3.6 kg King Crab right next to me!!! We had the most expensive (overpriced sounds more like it) seafood dinner here at the Golden Fortune Shark Fin & Chinese Seafood Restaurant (天宝鱼翅海鲜酒家) on our second night. So expensive that we could have walked out of the Louis Vuitton store with a brand new wallet / purse!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gold Coast Trip Day 2: Dreamworld and Thrill Rides

Gold Coast's Dreamworld

On the day before heading down to Gold Coast, we have pre-purchased ourselves a stack of 2-Days-World-Pass Tickets with unlimited hops between Dreamworld and White Water World from the RACQ Toowoomba. These tickets can actually be used again for the second visit within the 14 days after our first. So, if you're planning to go there by 29th of this month, feel free to get them tickets from me.

Dust Storm Shrouds Toowoomba, Southern Queensland

Toowoomba Dust Storm
I woke up and noticed that the color of the sky reflected on my wardrobe mirror was unfathomably yellowish brown today. Immediately, I walked towards the study desk to check out the time, as I did not have my glasses on. I was like OMG?! What happened?!!! It was only 11 something in the morning, not 4 or 5 in the afternoon. And therefore, it's impossible for the sky to be in such unusual color at this time of the day. My first instinct rushed me to snap some photos, then I started google for the keywords, "dust storm september 23 2009 toowoomba".

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gold Coast Trip Day 1: Draculas Haunted House and The Captains Table

Gold Coast: Haunted House

Draculas Haunted House is Australia’s largest (AUD $6.5 million) and most unique walk-through haunted attraction located on the Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gold Coast Trip Day 1: Mantra Legends Hotel

Gold Coast: Mantra Legends Hotel

After having a satisfying lunch at the Golden Fortune, we came to Mantra Legends Hotel to check ourselves in as well as the luggage we brought. The receptionist was so friendly and kind to us, thanks for his thumbs up pose too. Now, I'm proud to announce that our 3 days 2 nights trip on the Gold Coast has officially begun!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gold Coast Trip Day 1: Golden Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Gold Coast: Golden Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant

On our first day in Gold Coast, we went to this Chinese seafood restaurant called Golden Fortune (金宝海鲜烧腊酒家) to have lunch before checking in to Mantra Legends Hotel. There were only four of us (Henry, Crystal, My boi and I) as the rest (Liho, Mandy and Albee) was still on the way to meet us at the hotel. And if you notice, that huge crab on my palm was actually a King Crab (皇帝蟹). Yes!!! We're going to have seafood dinner (海鲜大餐) together on the second day!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Brisbane River Festival 2009: Fireworks

These are the firework photos that I promise to share with you. Please take note that this post will take longer time to load as it contains quite a number of photos. All of them were taken during the Brisbane River Festival this year. For those who missed out on the event, here is a second chance for you to catch a glimpse of these amazingly choreographed fireworks!!!

Brisbane River Festival 2009: Fireworks

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brisbane River Festival 2009: Southbank

Brisbane River Festival 2009: Southbank

There was this record-breaking QBE Riverfire (one of the River Festival events) held at Brisbane River last Saturday, September 12th of 2009. Earlier that day, we departed at around eight thirty in the morning with my four other friends. Mory took us to the Translink train station to take train from Annerley to Southbank, as there'll be an expected massive traffic jam in the city centre.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Versace By Versace (Women's Perfume)

Versace Medusa by Versace

A birthday pressie I meticulously picked for my beloved mommy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

USQ Graduation Ceremony '09: Lunch at Thai Cottage and Friends

USQ Graduation Ceremony 2009: Thai Cottage Restaurant

That afternoon, my boi returned his graduation gown at around 2pm. We planned to have lunch together at Qi'lin at first, but the Chinese restaurant was already closed by the time we reached there. With no other choice, we went to this Thai restaurant, Thai Cottage which we visited once last year.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09.09.09 at Fire + Ice Restaurant

Fire + Ice Restaurant

September 9th of 2009 (09.09.09) is a very meaningful day especially to those Chinese couples who intent to engage or to get married in 2009. In Chinese, the figure 9 represents "forever", so 999 actually means "forever and ever". We did not get married nor engage on that day, all we did was just a little celebration between two of us, indulged ourselves with some great food and beverages at Fire + Ice Restaurant.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Boi's USQ Graduation Ceremony '09: Photoshooting

My Boi's USQ Graduation Ceremony '09: Morning Session

Here comes the second which is also the final part of my boi's graduation. Thinking back, we could have spent our time (although there was not much time left before returning the graduation gown) shooting photos in the Japanese Garden, just like what I did last time. But somehow, we just didn't do it this time. I told my boi that it'd be such a waste if we didn't make use of this opportunity to increase our photo collection. So, with no further delay, we urged everyone to gather at the USQ main gate to do some photo shooting.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

City Golf Club: Graduation Celebration Dinner

City Golf Club Restaurant: Graduation Celebration

Just wonder if you have any plan tonight? And if you don't, just follow me to this City Golf Club Restaurant for a little graduation celebration dinner with my boi. Well, I'm all dressed up in black armors, shall we make a move now?

My Boi's USQ Graduation Ceremony '09: Morning Session

My Boi's USQ Graduation Ceremony '09: Morning Session

As mentioned, it's my boi's graduation ceremony today! I had to wake up early (early as in 7 am in the morning) to put on light make-up, to set my hair, and to get myself dress up as a pretty birdie. When we were both done and ready, immediately we headed off to Allison Dickson Lecture Theatre to pick up his graduation gown (between 8.30 am to 9 am). I was a bit surprised when they refrain me from following him to the graduation gown collecting area, in a nice and friendly way of course.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jeff Banks London: Graduation Gift for My Boi

Jeff Banks London

This coming Saturday, the 5th of September is gonna be a big day for my boi! The fateful day of graduation which he anxiously waited has eventually arrived! How exciting!!! *sprinkles confetti all over my boi*
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