Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Visit to Church: Baptized Ceremony

Today, we attended a Christian baptized ceremony in one of the small churches in Toowoomba, the one which we had visited before during the orientation week. Even though both of us are not Christian, but still we enjoyed our presence there celebrating with the big Christian family. I'm glad to be there to witness their baptized ceremony. Congrats to everyone of them!!!

Live band worshiping with the fellows Christians.

I almost shed my tears when hearing their confessions before the ceremony begins.

Background music was being played by a small girl when performing the ceremony.

Kevin, the guitarist who's also into CS (Counter Strike) =D


The hot & sexy bass guitarist... she has a beautiful face structures. *blushes*

"You make me feel so emotional... " LoL, that's my boi with his seductive pose =P


Haha, WYSIWYG!!! I'm not gonna explain any further details of this shot =x

Fellows Christians are praying for the people who's getting baptized.

Baptized Ceremony

Here's a chance for you to open up your eyes to the process of getting baptized.

~ Chef Christina is in da House ~

I spotted the "balacan" in Supa IGA, Clifford Gardens when shopping for groceries with my boi. So, I come up with this Sambal Balacan Chicken =P

Hehe, my boi was eager for cooking... good taste!!! *muackz*

This would be the 1st Chinese Style Curry Chicken I ever cook =X

They're best served with butter, salt & pepper powder. Still remember, it was my mommy who told me to add pepper powder for extra flavor.

Those red beans bought by KP are in long & oval shape instead of short & round... boiled it for a few hours before adding in the coconut milk, it tasted really nice after being stored in the fridge for some time =D~

Saturday, September 29, 2007

♥ Baileys Mint Chocolate Irish Cream ♥

Hehe, we got it from Bottle Mart (Uni Plaza) which is only 5-minute walk away from our unit.

There's a free sample for the original flavor but not this one.

We've tried some of it just now, the chocolate and milk flavor smells great and pretty strong too! But, the taste of alcohol almost made me... puke. Don't get me wrong though. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the drink. It's just me, the alcohol intolerance me =x

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节快乐

Happy Mid Autumn Festival (中秋节快乐) to my dearest family members (daddy, mommy, sister, & brother), friends & blog readers...







Ghost Hunt ゴーストハント

Previously, I've written a post about Ghost Hunt but didn't really put up the acutal pictures for it. Here are some pictures and extra info which I manage to grab from the internet.

Character Analysis

A paranormal researcher and the handsome 17 year-old president of the SPR. His nickname "Naru-chan" is short for "narcissist", given to him by Mai. Contrary to the other characters, he does not possess any kind of spiritual power, and must count on his companions' abilities and his own intellect and knowledge to solve the cases they investigate. It is later revealed that Shibuya is an extremely powerful psychic, but using it takes a toll on his body because it is difficult to control and can only be used as raw power. Though appearing cold and critical in front of his friends, he does care for them deeply. He has earned the trust and respect of the others.
In the novels, it is revealed that Naru actually is Oliver Davis in disguise and has a twin brother named Eugene Davis (Gene for short). Both of them used to be orphans and lived in an orphanage before later being adopted by the Davises. Naru actually went to Japan because he was searching for his brother who was run over by a car and later thrown into a lake to clear up any evidence of the accident.

A first year high school student who has to take up a job at the SPR; after she accidentally hurts Naru's assistant and becomes a temporary replacement. She openly dislikes Naru for his egotistical attitude, but she seems to be harboring romantic feelings for him which manifests in dreams with him smiling and supporting her. Naru determines that she has ESP abilities through a test (although she did the complete opposite of what she was told to do, instead of predicting which light would light up, she predicted which wouldn't, and has a miss rate of 1000/1000). Naru refers to her abilities as "latent sensitivity", which include her dreams acting as a form of precognition and her seeming clairvoyance, akin to an animal's ability to instinctively detect danger. In recent episodes, Mai has also experienced 'out of body' movement, when she gave the key to her old home to Masako while she was dreaming. It should be noted that both her parents died. Her dad died when she was little, and her mom when she was in middle school. Mai Taniyama was taken in by a teacher who has helped her through those years. Yet when she revels this she is living by her self. In the novels, it is revealed that the 'Naru' who Mai sees in her dream is actually Naru's dead twin brother, Eugene Davis.

Originally from Hong Kong. He is Shibuya's calm and taciturn assistant who rarely speaks more than he needs to. He seems to get most of the unpleasant jobs, and works through the night. He appears to be an onmyoji and has a wide range of paranormal skills from exorcism to summoning spirit familiars. He acts as Shibuya's guardian in the place of Shibuya's parents, who are professors of paranormal research and has been apparently sent by them to observe Shibuya, although what this means is unknown at present.

A Buddhist monk from Mt. Koya, who is also a bass musician. He considers monk as a side job, while playing in a band is his real profession. He usually acts as a brotherly figure to Mai, but does ask Mai out on a date when she becomes jealous of Naru going on a date with Masako at the end of episode 11. He is one of the more powerful members of the group and usually with the most effective abilities against ghosts. The others refer to him as "Bou-san" (Monk-san).
It is discovered in the novels that he actually has a diving license but has never used it, not even once.

A spirit medium with a popular television show and the ability to speak to the dead. A young girl who resembles a Japanese doll because she is always wearing a kimono. She seem to have romantic feelings towards Naru and appears to have the upper hand in winning his affections compared to Mai, although she is jealous of how casual and free Naru is when dealing with Mai.

A nineteen year old Catholic exorcist priest from Australia who speaks Japanese with a Kansai accent. Good-natured and helpful, he helps Mai and Naru however he can. His means of exorcism is spraying Holy Water while reciting a prayer.

An outspoken self-styled Shinto miko priestess, given that she was not raised in a shrine and is actually the daughter of a wealthy doctor who owns a community hospital. She is confident and proud of her abilities, though her attempts to demonstrate them have almost always fallen short. To her credit, she did teach Mai some defensive sutras, particularly the standard Shinto exorcism incantation, "Rin pyou tou sha kai jin retsu sai zen". It is later revealed that she is actually just as strong as Bou-san, but apparently only works well under certain conditions and is capable of hearing the spirits of trees. A running joke is that at the beginning of a new case, Ayako usually claims the incident is caused by an elemental earth spirit. She has also shown an interest in Naru, though he frequently rebuffs her with dry remarks concerning her age.

Source: Wikipedia

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sambal BBQ Chicken Wings

Hehe, it was taken when me, my boi & KP on the way walking back to our units.

Muahaha, we've finally found "sambal" in Toowoomba!!!

The most ridiculous thing happened on the day we bought these snow peas in Grand Central =x You know what? We've bought 3 packs of them but only paid for 2 packs in the end... don't ask me why though =P

After several hours of boiling, the flavor of herbs & chicken have completely gone into the soup which makes it irresistibly tasty!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Just Another Friday with Ghost Hunt

Recently, I've been watching "Ghost Hunt - ゴーストハント" the Japanese anime with my boi. It's a great combinations of comedy, drama, horror, mystery, psychological, & supernatural.

The storyline is basically about a 17-year-old Kazuya Shibuya (Naru) is the president of the Shibuya Psychic Research Center (SPR), a think tank that studies psychic phenomenon. The firm investigates various strange occurrences at the behest of its clients, while Shibuya's assistant, Mai Taniyama, deals with her love/hate relationship towards her boss.

Hehe, really sorry for writting something which is totally not related to the photos posted =x I was running outha idea of what to write about. So, I just share with you guys what I'm currently into, but most important thing is... I'm still alive & kicking @$$ =P

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Indian Festival Invitation

This would be one of the dishes prepared by my mommy during CNY, kinda miss it... So I tried to make it myself as well, looks attractive? Tastes good too!~


Yesterday was the last day for the Indian festival (I've 4gotten the name somehow). We've tasted their famous "sweet rice" during the 1st day, the flavor is really weird & hard to accept ~.~


Both of us were invited to join their prayers in one of the units here. This is a hand-made flour idol by the Indians themselves.


A kilo(kg) of bananas cost around AUD 4.80 =X It's my 1st bite of banana ever since I get here... Fruits like kiwi, strawberry, apples, & others are a lot cheaper than tropical fruits.


My boi decides to have pizza for dinner since both of us feel kinda tired to cook. Today is extremely windy & cold even though it was sunny out there in the afternoon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Siew Pak Choy with Minced Pork & Prawn

Home Brand rice snacks which I bought from Woolworth, Clifford Gardens. It tastes really nice & pretty cheap as well =D Here in Toowoomba, there are some other food / daily product suppliers like Black & Gold, Coles... they provide cheap stuff but definitely not all nice!!!

The ingredients needed are Siew Pak Choy (boiled until cooked), minced garlics (stir-fried), minced pork & prawns (marinated with salt, sesame oil, tapioca flour, white pepper, & egg yolks) & some black bean stir-fry sauce. This would be my self D-I-Y dish & it turns out to be so nice, ichiban!!!

Just making use of the dried bean curd that I managed to grab from Chinatown, Brisbane to make this simple soup with egg white, minced garlics, & pork pieces. First attempt... but still it tastes not bad after all =P

As you can see, I've been posting nothing else but food pix in my blog. There's nothing much happen in my daily life here, spending most of my time for studies (classes, assignments, revision), laundry, cooking, room keeping, online gaming...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Windy

Today's the 1st day of our uni's mid semester break, everything seems normal under the bright sun except the weather... What's with the strong wind??? This afternoon when me and my boi went out for shopping, I was so scarred that my skirt might be blown up in public at any time. Luckily, it never happens... LoL

What would u do when you're bored to the extreme? Hehe, I'd play online games for sure! My bowman character in MapleStory (Aquila) has finally reached Level 72. Woohoo, congrats to myself! It's so cool to play with 3rd job skills especially strafe. Haih, my boi's ice mage already Level 81, how am I gonna catch up with him?!

By the way, I've received a shocking news from my sis via Gmail that my whole family had "Denggi" fever & they had been admitted to hospital for several days. I have no idea how did it happen but I surely do feel heartache when I 1st get to know about it. I'm here saying a prayer for them, hoping that they'll get well soon and stay healthy as always!

Monday, September 10, 2007

USQ Japanese Garden: Ju Raku En (Part II)

Here's some photos to share with my dearest family & friends...

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