Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cakes and Coffees at the Coffee Club

Coffee at the Coffee Club
After a ravishing sushi feast at the Hana Japanese Restaurant, we dropped by the Coffee Club for something warm on a rainy winter night. Comfortably, we sat down to a table, ordered ourselves a coffee each (except Mr. Choo, he is no ordinary man and would always go for cold drinks, regardless how cold the weather is) and a couple of slices of cake. Sitting facing a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, I claimed to have the maximum night view of the surroundings (but most obscured by darkness anyway), the streets were unexceptionally peaceful as well, at this time of a Saturday.

Coffee at the Coffee Club
Cafe Latte with Hazelnut Syrup, loving suggested by Frank.
I'd love it more if the taste was less sweeter.

Coffee at the Coffee Club
Dessert to be shared with Mr. Choo.

Coffee at the Coffee Club
Red Velvet Cake served with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream. Despite the cake being a little too sweet for us, everything on this plate was just heavenly delicious. 

Coffee at the Coffee Club
Chocolate Thickshake for Mr. Choo, not really my cup of tea.

Coffee at the Coffee Club
Again, thank you, Frank! For the coffee and dessert last night! ;)

Coffee at the Coffee Club
Frank's American Brownie with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream.

Ice Spray
Here's the ice spray our sweet and thoughtful friend got for my injured knee.

Lindt's White, Milk, Hazel and Dark Chocolate
And guess what?! It also comes with a box of Lindt Lindor Truffles ❣

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