Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 20 in Australia: CS LAN Party

Last night, I went to Justin's house with my boi and another 3 of my coursemates (KP, KDM, and Desmond). Justin was one of our mentors during the orientation week, he has been friendly and kind to everyone of us.

Back to the topic, why did we go to Justin's house? LoL, we were there for a "CS (Counter Strike) LAN Party". Most of them are Asians, Malaysians to be exact! I wonder if there's only Asians interested in such activity? Maybe...

The party started at 9 something, they really enjoyed & had fun playing with new gamers. I believe my boi did enjoy the "party" too even though he didn't play CS for quite a long time. I was just there watching & seeing everybody having fun cause it ain't really my type of game.

My boi & I left early at around 12 plus, again it was cold & windy. I don't think we gonna do that again, LoL! Okie dokie, that's all for now, gotta go home cause I'm the house keys holder here. See ya! *muackz* *huggiez*

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Day 18 in Australia: Missing Malaysian Food

Howdy, how's everyone doing on this relaxing Saturday evening? It's freezing cold here, the strong wind could actually make your body feel numb. As usual, nothing special happened in the pass few days, keep on repeating the same routines everyday like sleeping, cooking, schooling, watching drama...

I was wanted to upload some photos but somehow forgotten to resize them before I come here >.<" What a dummy!~ Last night, all in a sudden I feel like eating "Leng Chi Kang", "Ais Kacang", and other "Tong Shui" I used 2 have in Malaysia. I feel like going back to Penang *sob sob*

*slap* I shouldn't mention or even think about it!!! It was my dream coming over here to study, now it has come true and I should appreciate it instead of complaining =x Hehe, I understand that every single beginning is hard 所谓,“万事起头难 ” ~ Keep holding on, just stay strong... ~ Gambateh to myself and see u guys around!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 16 in Australia: Limited Internet Quota

Sigh, sigh, sigh...

Internet Quota Query
User: XXX (That's me!)
Remaining Quota: 17.05 Mb
Biweekly Quota Allowance (Monday & Friday) : 30 Mb
Quota Cap: 70 Mb
Quota Floor Limit: -70 Mb

How sad could that be?! I haven't visit anyone's blog ever since the day I left Malaysia (10th of July) or probably longer. I'm totally out-dated!!! The last movie I watched was Die Heart 4.0, I've been watching Heroes Season 1 and 高朋满座(a HK drama series which have 6 seasons with 3 disc for each season). That's boring, right?

I went for shopping at Grand Central in Toowoomba City yesterday, had a very nice foot long Sweet Onion Teriyaki Chicken sandwich in Subway with my boi and we've bought quite a lot of groceries. Here, I need to cook for almost every meals daily. It's gonna cost us a lot to eat outside. Plus, the food here ain't really nice at all >.<"

The Asian spices here are expensive, some don't really taste like those we had back in Malaysia. So even if I try to cook something similar which I used to have, still there's something missing in somewhere. I'm talking about the flavor!!!

Alright, it's time to get off now. See you guys later!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 13 in Australia: Recovering...

It's still cold in Toowoomba but not that cold compared 2 the first few days when we just arrived here. My skin's condition is getting better, at least it's not so itchy now. According to one of the international students here, the winter will end in this coming September (means still have 1 month to go from now).

These few days, we're all busy with subject enrollment issue. The new rules for International Student Visa has changed starts from 1st of July this year. Unfortunately, we're the first batch of new students who have to enroll at least 4 subjects during our first semester here.

Alright, it's time 2 have lunch now. Get back 2 y'all soon! Have a nice day!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 10 in Australia: Not So Cold but Still Cold

A very warm bear hug to everyone who's missing me and whom I'm missing right now especially my family. I think I'll get to update my blog more often in the coming days cause my boi will apply for broadband service soon. He bought a wireless router last night at AUD 135 from a PC workshop in front of Student Village, the owner and the seller of this shop both come from M'sia but they didn't really give us any discounts even though we've asked for it, how cruel >.<"

It was so cold and windy yesterday especially night time where you can't even get to feel your face, your fingers and your toes when you step outha your house. Luckily the weather gets better today, we woke up quite early to deal with our enrollment issues with USQ Student Services but still we can't find any solution and we're required to come back on the next coming Monday at 11 a.m.

I gotta make a move to refectory (aka cafeteria or canteen) now, cause my boi wanna have a check on his banking account. I wonder why they call it refectory instead of cafeteria or others LoL. Alrighty, will catch up with y'all soon. Take care & miss ya! *Muackz*

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 7 in Australia: Serious Skin Problems

Hi everybody, sorry that I can't get to online for the pass whole week, there's no internet connection provided in the place I stay which is Student Village. I'm currently sharing a 5 rooms house with my boi, one of my coursemates, and another 2 Indian guys from India. At first I thought that it was just a 3 rooms villa but then everything changed when we get here.

Everything here is very expensive compared to Malaysian products, if you keep on comparing the prices with the exchange rates, you couldn't even buy a single thing here. The first few days was tough for me, even until today. The weather is extremely cold, about 5 degrees and it's very cold at night and in the morn, you will hate it when u go outha your room or even hate it when you wanna take bath.

I got quite serious skin problems here since last Saturday, my skin is very dry and causes itching, now whole body is very itchy and full with red dots cause I scratched it too much until I've hurt myself. My noise is pain, lips are dry, my body doesn't feel right at all but don't worry about my condition cause I've seen doctor this morn and she gave me some advises on how to deal with my current condition. I'm advised to consume 2-3 litres of water a day in such cold weather! That will really keep me busy walking to the washroom every 10 minutes.

Aww, how I miss Malaysia... the food, the weather, cinema, my family and every other things there. The first day I reached here, I just ate 2 pieces of bread, now everyday also eating so little until I've lose quite some weight. The room I stay doesn't really have ceiling fan, air-con or heater, so for the pass few days we've spent our time walking for 4-5 km in the cold and wind days to buy our daily goods, sounds pity ain't it? I don't think I'll get internet access for the coming few days as I'm still going under orientation for this week but I'll try my best to keep all of you updated. Take Care & love y'all!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Spent Hours in Penang

*Muackz* Hi y'all, I'm back in Penang for just a few hours. Wondering why? Cause my mommy will have a "洗尘" dinner for me and my boi as we gonna leave Malaysia on 10th of July. How's everyone feeling today? I'm feeling great here cause all of my stuff is packed properly and I'll be flying off with no worries anymore.

By the way, it seems like Penang Island is getting more hazy today, did u realize that? When I was on the way coming back to Penang, the traffic at the Penang toll was so jam. We stuck there for quite a long time and finally get here at 5 something.

I'll get back to y'all as soon as I reach Bangkok. Remember to visit my blog often, k? Hehe, miss y'all & take care!~

Friday, July 6, 2007

Going Back to Hometown

Hi all, I'm going back to my hometown again later in the afternoon, could you guys sms /call me about the farewell party details like time, venue & etc? 016-4339359 I'll try to make it on time if I really could. Thanks & take care all! *muackz*

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard


Live Free or Die Hard is the ultimate summer action ride. In a season overflowing with CGI Fantasy, Love Free or Die Hard gets real - with real action, real humor and a relatable everyman hero: John McClane. On the July 4th holiday, an attack on the vulnerable United States infrastructure begins to shut down the entire nation. The mysterious figure behind the scheme has figured out every modern angle - but he never figured on an old-school "analog" fly in the "digital" ointment. Bruce Willis is John McClane. No mask. No cape. No problem.

(Source: Die Hard 4.0 Official Website)

Interesting Trivias :

  • Jessica Simpson auditioned unsuccessfully for the role of 'Bruce Willis (I)' 's daughter. She can be seen on the way to the audition and coming out of the audition in the "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" (2003) episode "Mismatched Threesome".
  • Justin Timberlake was in talks to play John McClane's son.
  • Bruce Willis's stunt double, Larry Rippenkroeger, was seriously injured when he fell 25 feet to the pavement. He suffered broken bones in his face and fractures in both wrists.
This film is filled with superb direction, fantastic acting, groundbreaking special effects and clever quirps that will leave you almost nothing to complain about. Die Hard may very well be the best action flick of 2007! The most famous lines in action film history "Yippy Ki-ya Motha ******!" said by Bruce Willis was censored in order to meet the censorship in local cinemas.




One thing that I really don't understand and can't tolerate is why most of the Chinese girls (Asian) always act as a Japanese cheeks in Hollywood films?! Chinese is Chinese, Japanese is Japanese, can't they tell the difference?!

Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone

I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need you there when I cried
And the days feel like years when I'm alone
And the bed where you lie
Is made up on your side

When you walk away
I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it ok
I miss you

I never felt this way before
Everything that I do reminds me of you
and the clothes you left they lie on the floor
And they smell just like you
I love the things that you do

When you walk away
I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

Repeat Chorus

We were made for eachother
Out here forever
I know we were
Yeah yeah
all I ever wanted was for you
To know everything I do I give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me Yea...

Repeat Chorus

I miss you.

I love this song so much, love the lyrics so much, love the music video so much, love Avril so much, love her albums so much, simply love everything about her... Avril rocks!!! This song is sad, the music video is even more sad, reminds me of JJ's song <<会有那么一天 >>. Enjoy the music video, cheers!~

Disclaimer: All the music / videos above are solely for sharing and promotional purpose. Please support original!

Back and Still Breathing!~

Finally back from a "long" hiatus, four days might seem short to you but it's actually long and hard for me to pass my days without blogging. I'm a blog-addict, internet-addict, computer-addict, pink-addict, boiboi-addict, movie-addict... LoL, funny ain't it? I don't know if there's such words exist. Haha!

I've been spending my own sweet time watching tally, house-keeping, back-packing, sleeping, missing my boi, thinking about my blog... Oops, did I miss something out? Ooh yeah, *huggiez* I've been missing every single one of you *muackz* Hehe, touching? =P

There's some "shocking" things happened in ShoutOut when I first greet the shouters who were chatting in this late afternoon. They seem to be into "licking" instead of saying "hi" or "hello", weirdo huh? I have no idea what has happened in the past few days but this can really implicate the meaning of "long" as lots of "mysterious" things could happen within a short period of time.

Here, I'd like to thank Angeline for inviting me to her farewell party with the fellow shouters. Also, thanks Kah Peng for sms-ing me so "early" about this event. Dear Angeline, I wish you all the best in your studies in UM, me and the rest of the shouters will miss you for sure, take care and have a safe journey tomorrow! *huggiez*

*blink blink* About farewell, right? Hehe, is anyone gonna or wanna farewell for me? LoL *blushes* I know I shouldn't have asked this question but in case you wanna "yumcha" with me before I fly off to Aussie, just drop me a line or text me, k? I'll be pretty busy for these coming few days, so remember to make an appointment with me first. Ahem, just kidding =D

I'm so tired rite now, laying on the bed like a "dead fish" with my sauna belt on. You must be thinking what have I done for the whole day long, right? I woke up early in this morning to "take over" my mommy's kindergarten tuition class. How early is early? It was 6 something when my mommy woke me up! I can't sleep, can't wait to meet my boi whom I've been missing so much >.<"

Teaching kindergarten kids could be fun but it's tiring as well. Never ever scold or raise your voice in front of the kids cause they might cry and you might scare them off. LoL, I'm not talking about myself, me the other way around have used my gentle voice to teach them with no scolding, no voice raising but how come my throat is feeling so pain now?! Perhaps, I'm really not a "teacher material"! Muahaha =D

Around 10 something, my boi reached my hometown with a bad news. There was a fire in the town area in my hometown. Part of the shops and houses have burnt down into ashes, people crying with tears and so much pain about their loses. I think there was no injuries or death, God bless! After I'm done with the tuition class and packing, me & my boi head back to Penang (Queensbay Mall to be exact).

It was already late afternoon, so we had our dinner there and bought something before we left. I was wondering why is the parking lots so full today?! It's only Wednesday dude!!! In the evening, we spent our time "shopping" in Farlim night market from 7.30 until 10 something.

The area is really huge, we walked slowly from one row to another comparing prices and products before we actually buy it. This is how a wise customer should be doing, agree? =P BenjiPapa claims that he saw me at the night market but he couldn't get to greet me cause I was walking too fast? I don't know, some other people might think I walk as slow as a tortie!~
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