Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Downs Hotel Restaurant Toowoomba

Downs Hotel Restaurant

We came to try out the modern Australian cuisine here at the Downs Hotel this evening. Two main meals and a soft drink only cost us $19.60 in total. The reason is... because... we have this buy-1-get-1-free coupon at the back of the Coles docket which can be used for discounted meals =) 

Monday, January 24, 2011

An Arrowed Heart

Something amazingly beautiful that I saw in the sky this afternoon. It was a stream of milky white cloud which appeared at the corner of the blue blue sky. With a little creativity, I've turned it into "An Arrowed Heart" - symbolic of getting to the heart of things.

Heart and Arrow

Ann Ward, Winner of the America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15

I've just finish watching the cycle 15 of the ANTM. I know I'm kinda out-dated but I really like Ann Ward, that super thin-waist and extraordinary tall girl who won the America’s Next Top Model 2010. Unique, Genuine, Low profile, and Young. FYI, she is also the first contestant ever honored the "Best Photo" for 5 weeks in a row.

Ann Ward, Winner of the America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fraser Island: Maheno Shipwreck on 75-Mile Beach

Fraser Island: Maheno Shipwreck on 75-Mile Beach

The word Maheno means ‘island’ in Maori, which is the native language of New Zealand. The Maheno was built in Scotland in 1904 and was the world’s first ever triple screw steamer, weighing a massive 5323 tonnes. It was left abandoned by the Japanese after being hit by an unseasonal cyclone off the coast of Fraser. Since then, the Maheno shipwreck has been laying on the 75-mile beach until today.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Richmond's Farewell Steamboat Party

Richmond's Farewell Hotpot Party

The farewell steamboat party for Richmond last night was really awesome. We had desserts together afterwards, then followed by some card games and Rummy til this early morning =p

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Sizzler: Re-Opened After Renovations

The Sizzler: After Renovation

Last Sunday evening, we paid our very first visit to the Sizzler Toowoomba after its $1.7 million complete make-over at the end of 2010. We reached there at around 7, and the restaurant was already so packed and crowded with people. We queued (with sweats and sore feet) for more than half an hour, from the entrance all the way down to the counter. And it really felt good when we can eventually sit down to enjoy a nice cold glass of lemon lime bitters.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

DKNY Be Delicious and Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

DKNY Be Delicious and Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

Just expanded my perfume collection lately by adding two "apples" onto my shelves =)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Homemade Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork)

Char Siu / Chinese Barbecue Pork (叉烧)

What worries me the most now is the food supplies in Toowoomba which are currently running low or almost out in the local stores. According to Toowoomba News, Toowoomba has been cut off from Brisbane following massive landslides on the Range and water over the road on the Warrego Highway to the east. The Warrego Highway has also been cut to the west as floodwaters rose around communities such as Oakey and Dalby. Transport is unable to get in or out of Toowoomba, so it is impossible for stores to restock shelves. In short, we're stuck in Toowoomba!!! My boi and I went to Port Street in Wilsonton Heights to donate some of our clothes and other stuff like pillow, quilt, mattress, and hangers to the Queensland floods victims this afternoon. On the way home, we tried to take our car to Shell, BP, Caltex to fill up some petrol but none of them has fuel! I started to get a little panic until we found one petrol station (the one opposite Clifford Gardens) that actually has fuel for sale *relieved a little bit* It's gonna last us at least two weeks traveling back and forth to work.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Queensland Floods 2011 App for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Queensland Floods 2011 App on iPhone / iPod

Queensland Floods, the FREE iPhone / iPod app provides a one-stop application for users, especially those affected and soon-to-be affected by the floods. The un-official application has not been endorsed by any agency involved in the flood relief effort. Dear Southern Queenslanders, are you and your family well-prepared? Bread, milk, bottled water, candles...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Melodii and Richmond's Farewell Potluck Dinner

Melodii and Richmond's Farewell Potluck Dinner

We threw a farewell potluck dinner for both Melodii and Richmond last night, since the two will be leaving Australia very soon, somewhere next week or the week after I think. The meals, card games, and everything were enjoyable and rewarding too! Ahem~ you know what I mean ;D

Monday, January 10, 2011

Flash Floods Hits Toowoomba 10.01.2011

After several consecutive days of  heavy rain, flash floods (which is also called the "Inland Tsunami") finally hits Toowoomba today, the city where my boi and I currently living in. I feel so so lucky that I'm still sitting here in my room, safe and sound, and updating my blog like I usually do. Thank goodness our car was not washed down by the flood, damaged or whatsoever. Let's together pray for the heavy rain to go away, the Rain God has showered too much love on us already.

FYI, the Queensland Government has launched an appeal to help fellow Queenslanders affected by the recent floods. Click here to donate to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal today! (financial donations only)

West Creek at the Herries St. Bridge.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hervey Bay: The Urangan Pier

Hervey Bay: The Urangan Pier

In today's post, I'm gonna tell you a little history about this 868 metres long Urangan Pier in Hervey Bay. It was built in 1917 to export Bundaberg sugar, Burrum coal and Fraser Island timber until 1960s, the exports stopped and petroleum imports began. In 1980s, the Head of Pier (256 metres) was dismantled and the whole Pier was threatened with demolition then leased to Hervey Bay City Council for protection. After lunch at the Bayswater Restaurant, we came here for a relaxing walk under the sun. The 1.736 km (868 metres x 2) walk got colder and really windy as we move towards the center of the sea.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best Korean Drama of 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 (Must Watch)

These are some of the Korean dramas I watched in the past few months or years now, which I think best (as romantic as fairy-tales yet pretty funny and hilarious at times) and definitely worth sharing with people who enjoy K-dramas as much as I do. If you really love and enjoy watching them, please do not hesitate to give a "like" to this post, cheers! ❤

Also, due to popular requests, I've created a new blog post for Best Korean Dramas of 2013. Please be patient while the list grows =)

***Note: Some reviews may contain spoilers and are highlighted in black. Happy watching!!!

My Current Favorites and New K-Dramas of 2012

The Moon That Embraces the Sun / 해를 품은 달 / Haereul Poomeun Dal
The Moon That Embraces The Sun (拥抱太阳的月亮)
Ratings: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Download The Moon That Embraces The Sun OST

Review: Just finished watching the final episode of TMTETS, bitter sweet ending. Kim Soo Hyun was so cute and innocent when he acted silly and all. The beginning (first episode particularly) was a bit dull, but just bare with it so that you wouldn't miss out the back-story. Good news is, episode 2 and onwards were getting more and more interesting with great acting from that two kids who played young Hwon and young Yeon. I cried so hard watching episode 5!!! For those who are looking forward to see Jung Il Woo and Kim Soo Hyun, just hang in there until the 6th episode.

Title: 해를 품은 달 / Haereul Poomeun Dal
Also known as: The Moon Embracing the Sun / The Sun and the Moon
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Period
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: 2012-Jan-04 to 2012-Mar-15 (Completed)
Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Kim Soo Hyun as Lee Hwon
Han Ga In as Wol / Heo Yeon Woo
Jung Il Woo as Prince Yang Myung
Kim Min Seo as Yoon Bo Kyung

The story of the secret love between Lee Hwon, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wol, a female shaman.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Outdoor BBQ at West Creek Park

New Year Outdoor BBQ at West Creek Park

On the New Year's Eve, we had no celebration or whatsoever countdown party due to work obligations. It was hell of a busy night that night, and I only managed to get home half an hour before the clock strikes 12, thank goodness! My boi and I spent the rest of our night (roughly an hour and a half) "dissecting" the 2.6 kg whole turkey and marinated it with a secret recipe of mine: five-spice powder, light soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, Hua Tiao Chinese cooking wine, and garlic mince (don't forget to thank me if you were about to steal my recipe k =p). The turkey turned out to taste and smell so good, and the meat was so tender (another secret to pick up on how to cut and handle the meat before marinating). The next morning, we made up our New Year celebration with an outdoor barbecue at the West Creek Park together with several other close friends of us.
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