Thursday, May 31, 2007

Giving Away KimGary Discount Vouchers


The owner of KimGary Gurney Plaza should consider training the staffs to speak better Cantonese in a proper way instead of mumbling like chanting scripture. Today, the casher made a big mistake by counting the wrong bill for us. Somehow, a girl chased up and returned us the extra payment we've paid after they rechecked everything.


The Nissin noodle is better than O-Town's, not so salty at least =x


When I was placing an order, one of the waitresses dropped the dining tools and spit some "Yin Yeung" on my feet and my sandals when she was cleaning up the table. They didn't even concern about my condition or get me a tissue but just threw me a simple "sorry".


As for the Iced Lemon Tea, still I prefer O-Town's Iced Honey Lemon Tea =D


Both my boi and my sis love the Cheese Baked Curry so much, I wonder why >.<" but one thing for sure, it's better than Hongkies which we had yesterday.


It's a good remedy for flu.


My boi looked so tired ~.~


This fella really likes wearing green Ts a lot!~


KP and my boi each bought a 120 GB removable HDD.


3 of us bought the same keyboards at PC Depot in E-Gate.

This is the Bak Kut Teh in Macalister Road, the one which is in front of the former Agora Hotel. Still remember the college time, when we used to have RM2.50 chicken rice there during our lunch breaks. At night time, the coffee shop turns into a famous Bak Kut Teh selling place. You'll know what I mean when you really get to see the actual size of the claypot with lotsa, lotsa ingredients like mushroom, meatballs, piggy tripe, piggy liver, chicken feet, fat pork and more that almost overflow.

By the way, I'm giving away three 20% discount vouchers for Hong Kong KimGary Restaurant but the due date is tomorrow. If any of you are interested in getting the free vouchers from me, please kindly drop me a line. Preferably penangites who's convenient enough to get the vouchers from me in Glugor area or town area in the late afternoon. Thanks ^^v


  1. muahaha... make urself a supper then =P

  2. Waaa I want to have the ice lemon tea!! Looks so nice!! In this hot weather..

    Must... have... lemon...*blek* (dieded)

  3. huh?
    u reply me at 2:xx am -.-
    still no sleep o.

  4. *make a glass of icey cold lemon tea 4 nastasshea* Hehe, don't die yet =X

    Suwan: yeah, I was editing my post ^^


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