Sunday, May 27, 2007

Malaysian are loser?!!!


Have anyone of you ever experienced such stupid ads in your "Ads by Google" column? Recently Adsense kinda display certain ads which are totally NOT related to my blog contents at all. Even if they wish to but at least filter such offensive ads with the title "Malaysian are loser" being displayed on a Malaysian's blog ! Grrr...

Oopsie, forgotten that I got something more important to do *bites my itchy hands* My assignment *swt* Dee y'all around! Gambateh Christina ^^v


  1. I just wonder if the advertising agency which create the ads is a Malaysian or disgusting :(

  2. how can they display sumting like tat in m'sian blog.. cis..

  3. >.<" cuz they juz care bout money making.... zzz btw, I'll go ur tag later on after I passed up my assignment, k? hehe

  4. wow, adsense got this advertisemen.
    i did't see b4~ but now i see loo.
    why why why?have u click in read the website?

  5. lol, I juz visited ur site. Now it's place on ur google ads there =X I didn't bother 2 click on the ads cuz don't wanna give any traffic 2 'em

  6. yaya! i see! i also have take the screen!
    haha~ ya don't click, but curious what it write
    Mystical feeling

  7. Hehe, i juz hate tracking cookies n those stupid worms/trojans if i click on that page >.<"

  8. but.. its add by google adsense, adsense advertisement will got the trojan or what xx cookies? haiz.. i wanna to try to click ~ haha. If i see in ur pages la. i can not click from my pages, and i don't worry about this, cause i got kaspersky, any trojan or cookies can not infrigement my pc.^^

  9. lolz, aite. I'll inform u if i see it again =P not all google ads can be trusted...


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