Thursday, May 31, 2007

My USQ Offer Letter

After almost 3 months of impatient waiting, I finally get the offer letter of transferring to on-campus study at University of Southern Queensland (USQ) instead of distance-learning in Penang. I shall now starting to apply for study loan, then VISA, then passport, then flight tickets, and more and more... Aww, I'm gonna miss the cinemas as well as the cheap movie tickets I get in Malaysia T_T

I'm feeling kind of excited and nervous, too many things need to be done. Final exam is just around the corner *swt* but I'm totally unprepared >.<" I went for Shrek the 3rd in this late afternoon. The movie was great and funny too. I believe everyone in the cinema did enjoy the climax of the movie with laughter as it is the best medicine for our human body.

My boi and I were planning to go for class right after dinner, but things seem to be a bit unexpected. Our lecturer is on MC today *yawn* without noticing us by any chance. How great was that?! It's a good thing though, now I get to relax myself by typing on my keyboard ^^v


  1. Hi! going abroad for study, what is your course? anyway, good luck!
    I found your blog through the star online. I'm just starting to write a blog Lonely Hurts Probably we can exchange thought from time to time. Do leave your 2cents when visiting my blog. See you around

  2. going to Australia soon ah?

    enrolling bachelor degree?
    wat course is it?
    I saw INFORMATION...dat's all..hehe

    is it information systems?

    anyway, i'm in information systems engineering course gehh.. =)

  3. Dani: Hi, yep going abroad ^^ BINT (Bachelor in Information Technology majoring in networking)
    Alrite, see u around. Thankz 4 dropping by.

    Amelia: Yeah, it's BINT (Bachelor in Information Technology majoring in networking). Hehe, I left 6 more papers 2 go~ Good luck in ur studies gurl ^^v


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