Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sony Cybershot DSC-T100

I love the pink casing, not like the one my boi bought, so bulky and black in color >.<"

We saw these 2 models which come in pink color.

The DSC-T100 fits an amazing combination of high-tech features into super-slim dimensions. It has high-resolution 8.1 MP imaging, a powerful 5X optical zoom lens and a huge 3.0"2 Clear Photo LCD Plus™ screen that lets you snap and share photos easily. Innovative technologies like Face Detection, in-camera retouching, D-range optimization and HD (high definition) output expand the possibilities of digital photography -- and the Sony Double Anti-Blur Solution lets you shoot in low light without flash to preserve the mood. The Cyber-shot DSC-T100 is available in four colors, including silver, black and red. Check out the specs here.

(Source: Sony)

Dinner in Zingdo again, after we bought the camera ^^

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