Sunday, May 13, 2007

Redang Island

Redang is such a beautiful island

I can't help falling in love with the breath-taking beach views here.

It's really a nice place to visit during holidays

The weather is extremely hot with the big sun shining on us

*slap my naughty boi* Simply love this shot!

Come, enjoy swinging the hammock with me! ^^

We met a lot of Chinese from China during our trip to Perhentian and Redang Islands.

LoL, I was the one who came out with this pose.

The seawater is so clean and the white sandy beach is so soft =D

We can barely open my eyes to take photos ~.~

Enjoying the scenery under the big coconut trees

P.S. Please don't blame me for being lazy to edit / upload the photos cause they're damn lots of them, we brought 4 cameras there. I'm so tired now, nitez !~


  1. Wow great pictures. The picture of you and your boyfriend sitting in the heart is so cute!

  2. haha. I luv that one 2. *blush* u not planning 2 go Redang? It's da greatest season now!~

  3. The last time I went to perhentian, i stayed at Cocohut too! :-D

    In one of those cute little houses.

    I miss Perhentian,,,,wish i can go there again soon.

  4. Hehe, I miss that place too. Hope I can go there again when I'm back from Aussie. Really nice of u 2 drop by here. Thankz


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