Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hongkie Kopitiam @ E-Gate

*sob sob* I didn't really celebrate my boi's birthday with him today cause he's way too lazy to drive all the way from Queensbay Mall to town area right after our lunch in Old Town. There, I happened to meet 2 of my secondary schoolmates before we head to the counter to settle our bills. Hehe, kinda forgotten one of my x-schoolmate's name >.<" It's really embarrassing when you try to say hi to someone that you only remember his or her face but not remembering the name =x

This evening after a short break at home, we went to E-Gate and we were planning whether to choose Hongkie Kopitiam or Secret Recipe to have our dinner. At last, we've chosen Hongkie Kopitiam which has similar menus with KimGary. Still, I think that KimGary's recipes are better than Hongkie's, don't u think so? Hehe, my clothes are so smelly right after I come out from the restaurant. They seriously need to consider installing more air conditioners to improve the air circulation.

Yesterday, KP wanted to buy HDD from PC Depot in E-Gate which is currently having promotions. Who knows, the shop was closed with a note pasting at the entrance, "Closed On Every Monday" when we get there LoL. With no other choices, we headed to our college to pass up our assignments first.
Around dinner time, we reached Queensbay Mall and met a stupid Malay driver who's extremely lame, brainless, hateful.... blah blah blah... so grumpy >.<" Don't wanna waste my preciously time scolding this fella in my blog, what a pollution! After we parked the car, we recommended KP to dine in Dragon-i which we had been about 2 days ago. Three of us ordered their signature Ramen and Xiao Long Bao again... yeah ^^v


  1. Wah...you can really eat from morning until night hor? Day in day out see so many different type of food make my whole floor wet with saliva nia. hehehe :P

  2. we ate 3 meals a day, don't we? hehe...


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