Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Celebration

My boi took me to my aunt's hair salon right after we had our lunch in the neighborhood.

My hair is so soft like baby's hair after I did double hair treatments.

My aunt's baby with my same-aged uncle's gf.

Baby and my mommy.

He enjoyed being captured with camera T_T

Wen Qi and my uncle but I prefer to call his name instead cause we were in the same class back in primary school and we're same age >.<" today's his 22nd birthday =D

My dearest grandparents

Nick and my sis but where's me and my boi's pic? He can't make it cause it was 35th day since his grandpa passed away.

*Note: You might found that some of the dishes above are not in perfect condition due to uncontrollable hunger, LoL!~


  1. wah.. ur hair looks shiningly black, game for the next candidate model for shampoo commercial =)

  2. lolz I never dye my hair b4, tht's y it's so black. Some ppl might think it looks dull =X hehe, u hire me 2 be hair shampoo model? *grinz*

  3. Your uncle is the same age as you? And in same class? Wow...

  4. LOL~
    Uncontrollable hunger.
    I'm hungry~ :/

  5. dk: Yeah, hehe he's my mom's youngest bro =P Hehe, my bday celebration pix on da way~ more nice n expensive food there... stay tune ^^v


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