Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hu Pio Mee

Last Wednesday, we went to a coffee shop near Farlim Pasar Malam after the yogarobic class. It was my first time seeing and tasting "Hu Pio Mee", have you ever tried it before? I ordered it purely due to my curiosity and I didn't really expect the noodle to look in this way. What do we call this in English? Hehe, sorry cause I have no idea at all. Do you know what's the result I get from the translator of It shows, "The Fish Floats". *bang my head on the wall*

Hehe, my boi looks like auntie now =x

Muackz, my cutie boi with his new haircut and new hair color, he insisted to dye it even though I don't allow him to do so.

I waited him so long in the hair salon just to get his hair done *sob sob* I wonder how my boi get the patience to wait for me when I was straightening my long hair which usually took up to 5-6 hours. Hehe, maybe guys have more patient than girls do. I've straightened my hair 3 times within these 4 years in Penang. I already stopped doing it about one year ago for the sake of my hair, don't wanna spoil my precious hair no more =x

Okie dokie, I feel so tired after swimming just now, kinda lazy to think of something to write about. I'm feeling sleepy too *yawn* By the way, sorry about the terrible image quality, they were taken using my Motorola L7. Nitez *huggiez*


  1. The appearance of the noodle did not impressed me but what about the taste? Is it good and how much per bowl?

  2. Erm, da one we had doesn't really taste good at all but my sis told me that there's a very good one in B.M. It's only RM3 / bowl hehe...


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